Kansas City Street Gunfire Legacy

Gathering for a good cause offers a reminder that bullets often fly randomly on local streets and should elicit caution, concern, vigilance and gratefulness for making it from one destination to the next safely . . . Here's a glimpse of an ongoing effort and the fight to keep fond memories alive among loves ones. Read more:

Family, friends fundraise for Micalla Rettinger scholarship

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Two months have passed since 25-year-old Micalla "KK" Rettinger was while driving home with her boyfriend and a coworker in Waterloo, Iowa. Despite a $58,000 reward, the family still does not know who fired the bullet that claimed the softball star's life.


  1. Another murder this morning. The Amish are out of control better buy more candles and balloons going to be a hot July.

  2. ^^I know. Right Maude?? Better stay scared and locked on to your computer. You are really making a difference out there!

  3. No reason for anyone to be scared. Right too carry in Missouri and Kansas.

  4. ^^"Too carry" or "to carry"? Which is it gun dummy?

    1. Grammar Bitch ! I carry two guns .

  5. @3:41 Pray you never find out - on second thought, why don't you do us all a favor and just carry on the way you are!


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