Kansas City Stays Winning Over Denver?!?!

Number crunching victory that might not be as captivating as a mountain range or legal weed but, nevertheless, gives local politicos a talking point for their circle (jerk) of hack consultant followers. Read more of this link we posted yesterday but social media keeps pretending they found on their own:

Metro Denver now behind Kansas City for job growth

Metro Denver's economy, once a national leader in creating jobs, is starting to look a little winded. A ranking Monday from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics places metro Denver 32nd for job growth out of the 51 largest metros with a population of 1 million or more.


  1. I for one am astonished. Denver had WAY more street car track than Kansas City. How can they possibly be behind us in job creation? I think the whole thing smacks of somebody lying with statistics. #toottoot #allaboard

  2. So Denver is over saturated with restaurant jobs and low paying slave labor gigs and no ones hiring with the wheels coming off the wagon.

    Welcome to the bust

  3. Folks in Denver to stoned to work.

  4. Fuck it. Have another toke. Everything will be alright.

  5. Byron Funkhouser7/10/19, 4:56 PM

    During the Democratic debate the former governor of Colorado listed all of the things he was able to accomplish, but he was afraid to mention what had made all of that possible.



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