Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Kansas City Star Joins Generation Of Podcasts Worth Ignoring

Or maybe . . . Mellinger can't carry the newspaper by himself. Here are a great many offerings competing with a sea of online content but without the advantage of an army of vehicles slamming down a physical product on the doorsteps of the city . . . Will you subscribe??? The answer for most is no but just curious if there are any arguments to the contrary. Checkit:

More ways to get The Star: sports podcast, crime newsletter, smart speaker reports

Blair Kerkhoff (left) is the host of The Star's SportsBeat KC podcast. His guests have included columnist Vahe Gregoian. The Kansas City Star Here at The Star, we've been busy creating new ways to bring you stories from our award-winning staff. Here's a quick glance.


Anonymous said...

Sure, a "Sports Podcast" is just what's needed to keep the "falling Star" propped up.

If fans won't buy tickets to the games, what makes McClatchy think they'll pay for "Jockstrap Webcasts"?

(Gonna miss having all those furniture and grocery store ads to cover the workbench with when I spray paint something though, they did have some use.)

Anonymous said...

It gets worse folks:
Every TV news station beats the Star at online news.
They have great video, breaking news etc overnight and first in the morning.
You think the awesomely-run Star puts a team overnight? If they do where are the stories?
They get beat so bad they look like they don’t try. Their stories are so old they make the 1800’s look new.
And they have old people better suited for rocking chair ads and Depends on podcasts?
Apparently they have no idea what to do so they throw everything on the wall and see what sticks... it’s like nailing jello to the wall... it’s liking wiping before you poop... no cents at all.
I doubt The founders are turning in their grave.... they’ve given up and gone elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

^^What an awful take. I mean awful. Only old people read the paper, so nobody really cares. Go find something to occupy your time!

Anonymous said...

I think that’s the point 5:03 was making...