Thursday, July 11, 2019

Kansas City Star Gently Places Love Letter On The Desk Of Rep. Sharice Davids

This report from the cowtown newspaper is not a look behind the scenes or a taste of insider info, it's a promo and propaganda without a single tough question.

Whilst Nancy Pelosi and AOC are about start a mud wrestling match to the death in Congress . . .

Here's Kansas City writing sweet nothings to a local politico who SHOULD BE FORCED TO PICK A SIDE IN THE STRUGGLE FOR THE HEART & SOUL OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY if we had a newspaper that really followed politics instead of just a bunch of boring tall white dudes tweeting to each other all day and pretending to be columnists.

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What's on my desk: Take a look inside Kansas Rep. Davids' Wyandotte County office

We catch up with Sharice Davids, Kansas' 3rd District representative, who shows us her new Wyandotte County office. WhenSharice Davidsdefeated the four-term incumbent representative of Kansas' 3rd District in 2018, she made history twice in one night. "I feel like it's still a surreal thing to think about," Davids said.


chuck said...

"Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued her war of words with Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday night, calling the Speaker of the House “outright disrespectful” for criticizing women of color."

White Democrats now reap the whirlwind on the 60 year long narrative they created with the "YOU BE A RAYCISS" narrative.

Thomas Wolfe was dead on the money, it is always "Back To Blood". The risable pretense that Joe Biden will be the nominee for a political party that supports radically racist agendas like Affirmative Action and the endless concomitant legislation that relegates whites to "The Back Of The Line" is, at this point, preposterous.

Checking the box in the Progressive/Democrat/Identity Politics hierarchy is the NUMERO UNO priority for those seeking high office in today's elections.

Kamala Harris is your candidate, like it or not Democrat white boys.

The slim silver lining to this consequence of demographic change, is the probable increase in "Woke" White Democrats who will wake up one day and realize, that yeah, Oprah really does want me dead, and chuck was right all along.

The Culture War is NOT being waged just on paper and at the ballot box, it is flourishing in the streets under the cover of the Media Black Out imposed by the 4th Estate, Hollywood, The Deep State and Academe. Black on White Hate crimes is just the symptom of a necrosis that runs deep in the bloodstream of the Progressive narrative.

The Hatred of whites, expressed in the media, by the government, by politicians, professors, in entertainment bubbles forth daily like a pre-volcanic Mt. St. Helens, that will engulf what is left of Free Speech and the Constitution in the coming demographic disaster.

The new America hates you white boy and white girls too, just ask Nancy.

Whipping out the RACE CARD against a whacked out Progressive like Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden should be the canary in the coal mine truth to any but Jim Jones-Hale Bop whack jobs like Byron, that the deal they made with the devil, to kill them last, is preempted by way of proximity and exigency.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, Chuck is tin foil hat wearing weirdo. Note to self, cross the street if you see this mumbling fool coming towards you.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You can respect your executioners if you want. It's typical, obtuse, anti-intellectual hope in the face of the sword.

Anonymous said...

7:48 - keep whistling through the graveyard, that'll help.

Anonymous said...

Sharice Davids is a clueless clown who will continue to make a fool of herself for the rest of her one term in Congress.
The Star pursues its narrative regardless of facts and will be left making excuses for its support of such an embarrassment.
By the way, what's Davids' position on college debt TODAY?

Anonymous said...

We need more heartwarming stories about Governor Kelly's cat. That's what I call hard hitting public service journalism! I hope Sharice Davids gets a cat so the Star can run even more stories about her.

Anonymous said...

One term wonder.

Super Dave said...

Davids won on a probably least worst of the two running for office. Hopefully someone will step up and not only put Davids out of the public eye but who will really do something.

Meanwhile in Washington the other look I am woman hear me roar fools will all destroy each other in their fights for who gets the most attention while doing more stupid and crazy crap.

Winning votes by offering the poor and sexually confused classes the most free stuff isn't the true role of a politician. Leadership and representation for all is and for the last 15 years there has been damn little of that.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Upchuck, the problem is that Nancy Pelosi is obstructing justice by not bringing impeachment charges against Der Fuhrer.

"America hates you, white boy."

You say this all the time, & it's utter complete nonsense. America is run by white boys, The NAAWP is called the United States of America. You have a fellow white supremacist soiling the White House at this very moment.

Hypocrite, you are a whack job.

NaziDave, your Fuhrer makes absolutely no attempt to be the President of all Americans. He only cares about being the President of the White Boys, while retards like Upchuck claim that "America hates you white boy."

chuck said...

Byron, wake up and smell the Black Coffee.

Every show on TV, has evil white cops, framing innocent blacks for crimes they didn't commit.

Burglar Alarm commercials all have white boys doing the "B&E".

The insinuations, the innuendos the ongoing attack on specious threats like the "White Patriarchy" is all the rage in the entertainment industry.

Jamie Foxx comes out on the stage on SNL and says he loves his latest movies because he "Gets to kill white people".

Oprah can't wait for "White people to die off".

The list, SERIOUSLY, unless you are an obtuse apologist for Progressives (You ARE), is endless.

What I am saying, is this. In spite of the propaganda about evil whites and the KKK behind every bush in the racist anti-white SCLC narrative, Americans are not as stupid as you think they are. There will be an awakening with White Democrats who see their future disenfranchisement in the Democrat Party, based on the color of their skin.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are card carrying, dyed in the wool, radical Progressives that have knitted together constituencies of all colors in order to support and promote minorities for 50 years apiece. Their record on Civil Rights is unassailable and should be a badge of honor, they could sport in any urban area or any election that would garner minority votes. No more, they are the wrong color.

Except for self loathing, ethnomasochistic psychos like you, many whites in the Democrat Party, imo, will see that they, in the face of the antipathy generated towards them by way of being white, will, go "Back To Blood".

I am no more racist than you are. I am just more logical.

Anonymous said...


What's on your desk?

How about "What's your IQ?"

Sharice Davids is not a bad person, but she's only in the U.S. House of Representatives because the Democratic Party and their liberal corporate media allies have shifted far Left to promote and glamorize such things as homosexuality, transgenders, abortion, socialism, single-parent households, reparations for historical victims, abolishing the Constitution, the welfare state, open borders, censorship, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey Byron
Troll, troll, troll your boat, gloat and dream some more, you'll never ever be anyone, so choke and die you whore.

Go away stop trolling us bitch!

chuck said...

Byron - "Upchuck, the problem is that Nancy Pelosi is obstructing justice by not bringing impeachment charges against Der Fuhrer."

Is there a statute, or, perhaps a law she is breaking?

Fuck no. Just more knee jerk, emotional, screeching from preening, "triggered" Progressive parasites whose death star tractor beam cries, based on need and insecurity pushes them towards an identity, ANY identity that they can use to elevate themselves into the conversation.

"Upchuck, the problem is that Nancy Pelosi is obstructing justice by not bringing impeachment charges against Der Fuhrer."

This is predictable, flailing, illogical stupidity, but, not unexpected.

Boilerplate Byroneese.

Roger Harris said...

Are you all interested in hearing the real truth about Byron?

Anonymous said...

It's this kind of garbage that people like Pelosi, Davids, AOC, Bernie and Byron stand up and salute. Remember it was Davids who wore a shirt that said she was proud of her heros who killed colonizers. If that isn't hate whitey speech I have no idea what is.

A South Carolina funeral home says vandals stole and burned 21 American flags from the veterans section of a cemetery in Anderson. On the night of July 4th, someone pulled up 21 American flags that lined the roadway to our Veteran’s Mausoleum and had the nerve to burn them, yes burn them, on the lawn right in front of where our Veterans’ and their families rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

America hates white people and they prove it every day.

Anonymous said...

Sure beats the BS that Brownback was shoveling to you. said...

Here is the Gillette ad, where black men (Who are 27 times more likely to murder or rape you than white boys.) are preaching to evil white men about their behavior with women.

Anonymous said...

^^Pro tip: Don't post links, nobody reads them. Plus you're a moron so there's that!

Anonymous said...

^^^Whichever pro told you that is full of shit. Stop repeating lies.

Anonymous said...

Roger, don't be a Dodger! Get right to the juicy details!

DOC? Did I guess correctly? State, or Fed?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.