Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Kansas City Reconciliation: Would You Forgive Dude Who Shot & Paralyzed You?!?

This "uplifting moment" is trending via social media and either displays a remarkable act of resolve to move forward OR demonstrates the lengths that people will go to for an expensive makeover. Take a look:

Kansas City native meets man who shot him on 'Queer Eye'

RAYTOWN, Mo. - Wesley Hamilton said he is truly living his best life, in part thanks to the men of Netflix's "Queer Eye." The Kansas City native was shot multiple times and left paralyzed more than seven years ago.


Anonymous said...

I believe this question was answered many years ago.

Hell no.

Dex said...

It was a nice moment. Seemed fake. Doesn't really matter, the guy who shot him doesn't seem like he has a very good future ahead of him whereas Wesley actually does seem like one of the few people who is really turning his life around.

Anonymous said...

Reality shows like QE are all staged and full of shit. I think the reason Queer Eye and the Fab Five think KCMO is a great place to film their fruity show, because KCMO citizens are retarded and this cow town is FULL of LGBT people. Soon KCMO will be Fab 5 headquarters...KCFD move over, the fab 5 will take over the tower at Woodland and the Ave! But hey to be fair the Fab 5 did good things for people in the city Like the Jones sisters - who are actually in KCK...Fab 5 Should run for mayor, take over the police dept and the fire Department, and while I disagree with their lifestyle, they actually do more good for people than both of those city entities put together in KCMO! I guess woman eating pussy and men sucking dicks is the the answer to humanity these days...I will pass and swallow a bullet before I would ever get on board with that shit!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ AOC Told you so right?