Friday, July 19, 2019

Kansas City Neighborhood Wants Safer Streets After Crash Kills Youngster

Community considers balancing pedestrian protections with nearby traffic following a horrific tragedy . . .

‘I did everything I possibly could’: KC woman speaks about crash that killed 9-year-old

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Neighbors discuss safety after 9-year-old is struck, killed by car


Grip Madlock said...

They are concerned about a car hitting a youth but you dont hear shit from the community about a shooting until the reward goes up to 25 grand...weird

Anonymous said...

When the "power players" are just small bunches of clueless people with signs "protesting", you can be sure KCMO has pretty much hit bottom.
But just when you've thought that in the past, something even more ridiculous surfaces.
How's the downtown stadium idea coming?

Anonymous said...

Grip Madlock B.S. That's all we hear about is shootings and we are sick of it. Weird This little boy is important too....weird

Anonymous said...

Don’t play in the street

Anonymous said...

he wasn't playing in the street.

there are certain parts of town that have become commuter fly-through zones and east 23rd is definitely one of those.

it is a neighborhood yet you see people driving through there all the time 60mph+

very short setbacks from houses to basically a highway

people gripe about potholes and steel plates but, really, why should KCMO spend scarce money to fix roads that suburbanites just fly through? once roads are better people will just drive even faster

KCPD needs to increase traffic enforcement because we have a lot of aggressive drivers and a whole lot of distracted ones too



Anonymous said...

@ 11:28 - Gotta get ready to pay the big tax bill coming. Sorry bro had to give you up or move.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing everything you could to kill a negro. Humans everywhere appreciate it.