Thursday, July 11, 2019

Kansas City Late Night Gunfire Aftermath

Haunting image from the scene and more detail on the continued spate of urban core violence this Summer. Checkit:

Man shot, critically wounded on East 17th Street Wednesday night

Kansas City police are investigating a shooting Wednesday night in the 7500 block of East 17th Street.Police said a man was robbed and shot multiple times. Authorities said he is in critical condition.Investigators have not released any other details, including information on the shooter.


Anonymous said...

Gosh more trouble mungst the Irish ?

Anonymous said...

I thought THE KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION was outraged by all this? Did they finally implode over all their polyamide and tyranny activism? Where did they go? Upsides.

Anonymous said...

Why are Asians always trying to kill each other.

Anonymous said...

You guys are wrong, it’s the polish!

Archie said...

Oh, c'mon, you guys know it's not any micks, spicks, chinks, kikes, dagos, or meatheads.

One clue, and I'm saying it polite, 'cause Edith's sitting near. It's the guys resembling Sammy Davis, Jr.