Thursday, July 25, 2019

Kansas City Housing Bubble Redux

A sign of the times and yet another hint at a local bubble about to burst as the prospect of quick cash constantly confronts urban core residents from developers who want to ride the latest wave of real estate speculation.

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Residents in KC's urban core neighborhood feel harassed by predatory buyers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Business in downtown is booming, and housing options are bringing more people to downtown Kansas City than ever before. But not everyone is excited about the changes. Some people who call KC's urban core home say they feel they're being pushed out of the area.


Anonymous said...

Booming downtown then why are businesses closing and people leaving for the burbs.

Anonymous said...

I think Teola Powell is full of poopola and a little delusional. Seems to me the urban core people were crying for a grocery store. The urban core is dead and has been for years, it needs cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

Oh these fuckers and con artists have been harassing people for six years now, even those doing reasonably well offering to buy peoples houses for pennies on the dollar or half of what it's worth if they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

That’s funny that this idiot thinks the central core is the only people getting those offers, the whole city gets them, I get at least two a week way out in the real eastside besides, those houses in the core are only worth pennies period, those houses are junk. Did this lady also fail to mention that there was large portions of the core that didn’t get their taxes raised? Didn’t think so.

greg said...

I get offers daily in overbuilt and overpriced prairie village.

Anonymous said...

"Predatory buyers"