Sunday, July 21, 2019

Kansas City Hero Died During Double Teen Rescue At Lake Jacomo

Local Summer tragedy aftermath following a weekend 1st responder search . . .

Officials say KC man who drowned at Lake Jacomo tried saving two juveniles

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Officials say a Kansas City man who drowned Saturday at Lake Jacomo tried rescuing two juveniles in the water. The Missouri State Highway Patrol said 31-year-old Fabian Torres entered the water Saturday evening to rescue two juveniles. Torres did not resurface and was located by divers just before 4 p.m.


Anonymous said...

If you aren't a good, strong swimmer... and better yet, have some lifesaving training, don't jump in. Call for help and throw something out to them.

Swimming looks easy.... and is, when you know how. Unfortunately, humans don't posses the same swimming instincts as most other animals.

RIP Mr. Torres. Your heart was in the right place and Heaven is your reward.

Anonymous said...

How can someone write an article this poorly? Everyone has an obvious question about this story. What happened to the other two people?

Springheel said...

Its ironic all the people who have NO business being near any water deeper than the height of their chin, actually hangin out casually near- what to them- is comparable to partying next to a live power line- and- crazier yet, swimming when their aptitude is well below dog paddling. Jacomo has claimed a lot of lives because of plain ignorance. Witness all the men who KNOW how to swim surviving in much harsher seas than this pond. One former NFL player realized that if he could do anything real, it was to teach people how to swim, since it always seems to confront a person somewhere in life.