Kansas City 'Great Value Gronk' Further Weakens Legs With Nuptial Announcement

Marriage NEVER makes better athletes and now our "Fake Gronk" does nothing more than assure fans his mind will be elsewhere during this upcoming season of hype in much the same way the unrealized local football hero always seems to disappear in goal line situations.

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Travis Kelce surprises Chiefs fans with wedding announcement

To celebrate the NFL's 100th anniversary, the league is sponsoring a number of contests for fans to participate in the celebration. Fortunately for one special couple of Kansas City Chiefs fans, they picked the right time to get hitched!


  1. Was it a Jewish wedding? Was the bride knocked up? Was she putting out for other guys? Who’s kid is it anyway? Kind of weak reporting.

  2. ^^Nah, the rest of us knew what was going on. We're not retarded pedohiles like you though.

  3. Kelce has a big wedding announcement that TKC deems newsworthy, but the Tony can only post a lousy stock photo?

    Where is the picture of the babe, uh, bride-to-be? It's not like you don't post other photos of hot women.


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