Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Kansas City Farmer's Market Guide

Posted only because the best time of year to buy local veggies is coming up and this is a great local guide for good food to ruin with butter, salt and animal death . . . Take a look:

Shop Local Farmers' Markets In and Around Kansas City

Your guide to local farmers' markets in the communities of Platte, Jackson, Clay, Cass, Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami, Leavenworth and Douglas counties in Missouri and Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Why shop farmers markets where the people go buy the food from some of the local Amish people then try to pawn it off to you like they raised it at 40 to 100 percent higher than the local stores are selling it for. 2.90 per pound for a tomato that looks no different than the store is selling for 1.90. People think that it's all organic stuff and I laugh because they are so stupid to fall for that line. There is a guy who sell what he claims is organic sweet corn that is loaded with the chemicals he spreads on it to control weeds and then he waters the corn from a pond that has run off from his fields in it loaded with Round Up and whatever else he sprays all over his other crops. Most of what I see at Farmers Markets is craft stuff anyway or canning goods you question if they were put up right.

Anonymous said...

^^Wow. So much talking, so little said. Less is more. Give us the point in two sentences tops.

Anonymous said...

You suck

Anonymous said...

^^Better! You CAN be taught! Learn it, know it, live it!