Saturday, July 06, 2019

Kansas City EDC Power Shift As The Local Luxury Real Estate Bubble Bursts

We notice a lot fewer big money deals inside the loop during this latest selling season. One by one there are fewer cranes in the sky. For a couple of years the Downtown KC market has been saturated with locals attempting to cash out and look for "greater fools" to buy their property . . . Now one of KC's biggest economic incentive agencies changes leadership and offers a hint that the party might be over. Read between the lines amid this otherwise hopeful farewell love letter:

EDCKC touts five years of economic development as president and CEO departs - Startland News

When Bob Langenkamp was approached in 2014 about leading the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri, momentum was building for a city on the cusp of a World Series win, economic revitalization and revived civic pride. "It's been a great run," said Langenkamp, reflecting on his tenure as president and CEO of EDCKC.


Anonymous said...

Bob is a great guy. Next of a few gobbled up by local politics.

Anonymous said...

He probably is a nice guy.
Nasty Con Men don't wind up running local Tax Ripoff Schemes - they wind up in the White House!