Here's another worthwhile report on Kansas City Mayor Sly's recent comments on the topic of rising local violence and gun control . . .

"The Second Amendment needs to be balanced by common sense. And common sense doesn't say that any idiot who wants a gun should be able to have one," James said. "That's not common sense, that's stupidity."

This statement overlooks a bevy of restrictions, limits and rules already placed on gun owners. And whilst the lame duck mayor calls out GOP-dominated Jeff City . . . It's his understanding of Missouri law that might be in question.

Remember . . .

This dispute with Missouri lawmakers stems from a KCMO "open carry" prohibition that was ROLLED BACK by expanded gun rights in Missouri supported by an overwhelming number of legislators.

In fact, it was Mayor Sly who was on the losing side of a legal dispute over gun regulation.

Meanwhile, the spate of local killing and gunfire continues as 335 people have been shot in Kansas City, Missouri so far in 2019. 40 than this time last year.

Developing . . .


  1. is it really open carry or even ccw that is the cause of homicide? Most of it just seems like drugs and gangs.

  2. that any idiot who wants a gun should be able to have one," James said. "That's not common sense, that's stupidity."

    What James fails to mention that the ones doing the killing more likely than not are not legally able to be in possession of a gun.

    So again don't blame the gun when it's the class of people who are doing the killing

    1. ^^^ +100

      Most ccw gun owners have as much training as some police officers. They're not the ones causing the problems.

  3. Mr. Diversity7/9/19, 11:03 PM

    Black shoppers


  4. CCW KC Forever7/9/19, 11:08 PM

    Don't get this sudden anger from Sly.

    Is he upset because he tried pizza parties and bad ordinances but they didn't work. He has the answer all along. People begged him to put more police on the street but he has never even mentioned that as part of his "plan" that wasn't as detailed as his tax increase.

    If he wants to be mad at someone. He should look in the mirror.


    After interrogation by the FBI Public Corruption Task Force, Sylvester writes a confession statement detailing his crimes!!!

  6. The presumption and condescension of politicians who say, "That's not who we are" can not be underestimated. That phrase, that call to the bandwagon diverts fools from the truth, incites true believers to the "cause" and indicts independent thinkers with the predictable character assassination which accompanies untenable Progressive arguments.

    The appeal to an ethical and moral superiority, now enjoyed by only those Holy Acolytes who worship the new Secular Gods in the new Progressive Religion can be yours, if you just cast aside common sense, look away from salient facts and drown yourself in a sea of lies.

    What he is really saying, is, "Come on in, the water is fine!"

    There are sharks, 40 foot swells and no life preservers, but that's ok, you are being replaced and sharks need to eat too.

    Every totalitarian nation without exception, has disarmed it's citizens.

    American/Fascist/Progressives are not, in any way, any different. They want control over everything and that will not be possible until they disarm us.

    If there was EVAR a time, to buy guns and ammo, it is NOW!

    Over the last 3 years, we have seen unelected, highly stationed bureaucrats in the FBI, CIA, NSA, State Department and the previous administration, in conjunction with the press pack dogs in the 4th Estate, with criminal pre-meditation, conspire to unseat and frame, a duly elected President. But sure, let's trust our Federal Government, our local Government to oversee our gelding, our disarmament and lay prostrate as the jack booted thugs level a hell of a fuckin lot more at us than high property taxes.

    P.O.W.E.R. is the goal and NO lie, is too great to tell, no body too important, or, innocent to step over, no law too great to break in order to get it.

  7. Byron Funkhouser7/10/19, 12:25 AM

    The post, & subsequent comments, if read by people from other countries would lead them to conclude that we are insane. The rationalizations for an untenable belief is breathtaking.

    Does Sly James hate the Second Amendment? Of course, he does. All sane people hate it, or at least, the way we deliberately misread it. This is not just my conclusion, it's the conclusion of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall. It's as if when it comes to the First & Second Amendments, Americans have forgotten how to read.

    These killings have every thing to do with guns. It's absurd to suggest otherwise. Americans love affair with guns is literally killing us. Over 40,000 people a year die from gun violence. It's a public health crises, & a moral crises of leadership. & a national emergency.

    America must disarm. It's insane to live like this. Just today, in Kansas City a white woman fired her gun to express her outrage at being inconvenienced. It was the first thing she thought of. Someone cuts someone off in traffic, the first thing they do is pull out their gun. It's almost never for self-defense, it's for enforcing your will on others.

    The crises in Kansas City is the consequence of a perfect storm of stupidity.

  8. bLIEron, you stupid cunt, the drug dealers are responsible for these murders, again your stupidity is trying to punish the 99% of the people who own guns legally and responsibly, your precious murderous blacks are responsible for all the murders in killa shitty and shitty Louis but your pea sized brain won’t admit it, most of these illegal guns are being smuggled in from out of the country through the drug trade. With your completely asinine way of thinking cars should’ve been eliminated a long time ago because they kill more people than guns. How about alcohol? How many people die from alcohol every year? Drugs? Where is your faux outrage over those things? Missouri doesn’t have a gun problem, the blacks in killa shitty and shitty Louis do. They are the single most dangerous and destructive race on the planet. Go fuck yourself.

  9. Byron, We really don’t care what third world countries think or read about our wonderful country you effing dipshit, and besides, You lied again and got the story wrong you incompetent blind ass fool. You apparently aren’t worried or embarrassed about the stupid drivel you write and thank god people from other countries don’t read what you write or they would think bad things about America. Mind your own business from your embarrassing state of mind in West Virginia, you give all Americans a bad name.

  10. Some of the out of control stupidity only come from fools like James and Herr Fuckhouser. Herr Fuckhouser's ancestors took the peoples gun away from them and then gassed and shoved the people they didn't like into the ovens.

    Herr Fuckhouser you are a stupid and a most despicable kind of person if there ever was one. Oh I'm sure your favorite leader Hitler would have gassed your ass based on you being so stupid and an embarrassment to the German race.

  11. Obviously Byron cannot find another blog close to home, or anywhere else for that matter, who will allow him to espouse his nonsense, so he has to assuage his ego clear back in KC. Sad.

  12. Smiling Jack7/10/19, 7:37 AM

    Byron, first let me express regret for the ad hominin attacks that are posted on this site, I hope you consider the source and are able to ignore them.

    I do take issue with your, and if you are attributing him correctly, Thurgood Marshall's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

    Both you (and he) seem to be hinging your interpretation on the words "The People" and are using the modern (1946 and later) opinion that the phrase is intended to be "corporate" (i.e. Society as a whole) rather than "individual" (each person within that Society).

    If that is so, I urge you to re-read the writings of those who drafted the first ten Amendments, starting with the "Federalist Papers", but their other writings as well. I believe that you will find a commonality in those writings and therefore in their thinking, that when they use the phrase "the People" with regard o "rights" they consistently mean individual Rights, reserving the "corporate" meaning of "the People" (as a whole) solely in reference to Societal duties.

    This I take as a clear indication that the 2nd refers to rights of the individual, and I fully believe that the "corporate" interpretation is completely false and agenda driven.

    I think it ironic though that the "conservatives" hold themselves to be "defenders of the Second Amendment". There have been four major instances of "Firearms Control" legislation (all of questionable Constitutionality) enacted, two of them, the 1934 and 1968 Acts under Democratic Administrations (one with a Democratic and one with a Republican-led Congress); and two of them, the Brady Bill and the Patriot Act, under Republican Administrations and with GOP-led Congresses in both instances.

    So the Governmental score on "Anti Gum" legislation is tied with regard to the Presidents and 3-to-1 with regard to the Republican-led (i.e. "conservative") Congresses.

  13. Well, if KCFD a-holes and others wouldn't sell guns on the black market, that might help alleviate the problem. Maybe KC should take a NYC approach to guns and just make them illegal. It doesn't work out well for wannabe tough guys, just ask Plaxico Burress.

  14. I am thankful for the right to own a firearm. I can defend myself against those who are larger and stronger than I! I have a fifty fifty chance of survival even if I have a firearm. If I don't have a firearm I'm screwed! There are never going to be enough Police Officers as they arrive after the crime to investigate and document! Thankful for the firearm manufacturers as guns in the right hands actually saves lives!

  15. Citizen 2 says....

    “From my cold dead hands bitches”

  16. Smiling jack, you don’t get to apologize to bLIEron on other peoples behalf’s, he’s the most anti American person I know, he deserves all the grieve he gets for his lies and hatred, he has no reason to be here, this is mostly killa shitty business and he’s never lived here. Screw off dummy.

  17. ^^8:12 +100

  18. "..Those citizens who turn over their guns to be melted into iron for plow shares, will end up pulling those plows for the citizens who don't turn in their guns." Guns are what has kept the government in line from the beginning of time. Guns have guaranteed our freedom to live in this great country.
    We can never give them up

  19. Thurgood Marshall was never Chief Justice of the SCOTUS.

    While he's entitled to his own opinion of the scope of the Second Amendment, he's also entitled to be wrong, which he is. The historical underpinning of that amendment was iterated in detail in the Heller case, decided in 2008, fifteen years after Marshall's death. It has been confirmed many times before and since, even by leftist professors like Lawrence Tribe ("The Inconvenient Second Amendment.")

    But never mind, Missouri's right to bear arms amendment is much stronger than the federal constitutionally guaranteed right. Last I checked, Sly James was mayor of Kansas City MISSOURI, so the state's constitution governs. Let him rant, he's powerless to act.

  20. What other constitutional liberties would Sly like to limit? 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of speech (and hence opinion), but "common sense" tells us that no everyone should express theirs, right?

  21. 10:00 Herr Fuckhouser has never been about facts other than those swimming around in his drug induced lifestyle of scamming the government. He constantly lies and is well known as the pathological liar that he is.

  22. If the second amendment only applied to militias it would be the ONLY amendment that protected rights of a specific group and not all citizens

    That's the only argument you need for the anti gun crowd. You're welcome

  23. His legacy will leave a stain on the City as being the worst Mayor in history. The, "KC is on a roll" was his trademark logo to justify the give-a-ways to developers. The tax break policy only works if you can also provide basic services and basic safety in the City.

  24. Sly has no respect for the 1st Amendment either.
    His troll boys on TKC have attempted to disparage other comments and discourage any participation.
    Copro boy, geezer hater, "weird" wacko, et al, now hope to get a job with Quinton. Altho the trolls promoted Jolie J and opposed Quinton.
    Diaper kid should move to Cuba or Venezuela.

  25. The Constitution was never intended to be a suicide pact. For over 200 years, the Second Amendment was not interpreted to create an individual right to keep firearms. To reach that point, it is necessary to assume that the first half of the Amendment was merely James Madison doodling while bored, not James Madison specifically linking the bearing of arms to a well trained militia.

    But even Justice Scalia recognized that even the newly-found individual right to own firearms did not mean that the ownership of firearms could not be (and/or should not be) reasonably regulated. And – just as in the old West – what is reasonable in terms of firearms out on isolated homesteads was different from what is reasonable in cities. That's why most of the law enforcement legends of the old West – Wild Bill Hickok, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp -- earned their living and their legend taking guns away from cowboys coming to town.

    Those who compare the current state of affairs to the "Wild West" are showing a vast ignorance of history. In the "Wild West" no sane person would of imagined allowing everyone to wander through populated areas while armed. The fact of the matter is that Missouri venal legislators are absolutely in thrall to the NRA, competing to see who can be the most irresponsible on their behalf. People in Texas consider Missouri's lack of firearms regulation to be dangerous to the point of insanity. And they are right.

  26. @10:28, ever consider that, since the term "militia" applied at the time of writing only to those citizens who were not a part of the Military forces, the only American Citizens NOT given the right to keep and bear arms are our Soldiers? Ironic, n'est pas?

    @8:12, I DID NOT apologize to Byron!
    Two points...
    1) What I did was express the hope he didn't let shit like you spew get to him.

  27. Smiling Jack must be married to the wack job shooting up the DMV yesterday.

  28. "For over 200 years, the Second Amendment was not interpreted to create an individual right to keep firearms."

    And the Second Amendment still, to this day, is not interpreted to create an individual right to bear arms. That's because the right to keep and bear arms exists INDEPENDENTLY of the Second Amendment, which like the rest of the Bill of Rights was intended only to prevent the government from extinguishing the rights we the people already had.

    A little research will show that many federal courts in the 19th and into the 20th centuries recognized (while it was never the central point of the cases) that the right to bear arms belongs to an individual not a militia.

  29. Smiling Jack7/10/19, 5:22 PM

    Mr. Cardarella, again you misinterpret the word "militia".
    The word has, since the founding of this Country, meant the citizenry not part of any organized military force but standing ready to come together for the purpose of defending the Country at need.

    Remember that the Colonies were just coming out of a rebellion against a Government that maintained a standing army and quartered that army upon the citizens it was controlling, and that this government's first act after declaring the Colonies to be in a state of rebellion was to seize the State arsenals and initiate house-to-house sweeps to seize weapons.

    There was strong hostility to the concept of a standing military land force in the new Nation, and the presumption was that a system whereby the States could call upon its armed citizenry and organize them into a defensive force that would be placed in the service of the central government. Remember that the words used are "a well REGULATED Militia", and I believe both Madison and Jefferson were acquainted with the word "trained" and knew the difference.
    So I am just a bit sceptical about your statement that the "corporate" interpretation has existed for "over 200 years".

    And in the "Wild West", how did law enforcement happen? Was it the Hollywood version, with one stalwart Lawman facing a grouping of "Dastards" alone? Or was it through the "posse comitatus" concept, where Law Enforcement called upon the ARMED Citizenry as needed? Hard to do if only the "militia" has weapons, wouldn't you say?

    And again, looking back through the writings of Jefferson, Madison et al, there seems to be a strong distrust of Government an an institution, and a tone of reliance on the People of the Nation to correct things if a Tyranny should ever arise. And they were wise and educated enough to know that the fairly recent examples of the Dutch, German and English popular resistances to Governmental Tyranny were failures primarily due to the lack of effective weapons in the hands of the citizenry.

    I feel that the Second Amendment was written deliberately to state an individual Right, and not for hunting or protection from lawlessness, but as a counter to the historical tendency of Governments to become Tyrannical.

  30. Any idiot that wants a job these days should be balanced by common sense as well.. And common sense doesn't say you are the spokesman for all the people. That doesn't make common sense either vs. the "stupidity". End of lesson. Ugh...


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