Thursday, July 04, 2019

Kansas City Crypto Expert Reveals How Bitcoin Can Protect Free Speech

Alex Jones has been de-platformed and accused of some rather nasty stuff because of his bombastic Internets rhetoric.

Mr. Jones hasn't done himself any favors with his irrational behavior in light of the MSM crackdown and his reported threatening of lawyers. TKC thinks Alex Jones is good for a laugh but he has seemingly made the horrific error of believing his own hype.

However, we pick up this story that offers a far more reasonable insight with a local connection. Here's hoping this link doesn't get us booted into the dark web where there are so many 400lbs dudes waiting to provide deets about their racial superiority and/or pretend to be a girlfriend only for the pleasure of banking deets.

Here's the news from a controversial site that we otherwise DO NOT endorse . . .

Infowars: How Bitcoin Can Be Used To Archive Banned Content On The Internet

Again, TKC doesn't back crypto and think that a coffee can is far more safe and flexable for storing pennies saved up. Nevertheless, it's nice to see a local earning nationwide acclaim and sharing a perspective on a fascinating new avenue to lose money.

You decide . . .

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