Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Kansas City Crossroads Pizza Serves Last Slice Before Upcoming Recession?!?!

Food for thought from the NYT: Global Recession Risks Are Up, and Central Banks Aren’t Ready

Meanwhile, blame the fragile hipster economy, bad service or an abundance of cheaper options. No matter how you slice it, here's another biz near downtown now kaput:

Homeslice Pizza closes in Crossroads District


Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone's getting priced out of downtown. Oh well, another empty store front

Anonymous said...

Read the article. Tony's headline is just way off. Alvarez seems like a douche. Drunk, bounced checks, didn't take care of the things he needed to. I hoped this was a streetcar fail but it seems like a Peter Alvarez fail.

Let's hope a Minksys goes in.

Anonymous said...

"They failed to pay past and present employees as well as take care of any obligations. They bounced checks to vendors, employees and failed to maintain a liquor license. They are liars, selfish, unprofessional and disgusting human beings."

And you want to blame the Hipsters?

Anonymous said...

If those are the kind of human beings these people are they really missed their calling opening a restaurant.
They should have been DEVELOPERS!
Now head for the TIF Commission and let them wipe away all that debt!