Saturday, July 13, 2019

Kansas City Crossroads Graffiti Explained

Worthwhile glimpse of the local artsy enclave as residents desperately try to pretend that they haven't priced out all of the artists.

Take a look:

The Halo Effect: What's behind the graffiti markings in the Crossroads?

Passersby along Southwest Boulevard may notice the graffiti that covers the Crossroads Art District. It's everywhere: down alleyways, along buildings, across dumpsters and even on electrical equipment. Heading east, past the well-known, large animal murals of Scribe, sections of the district are covered in lone "tags," or the pen name of artists.


Anonymous said...

Just trashy shit for a shithole shitty.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ let's see your work!

Send us a link to show us your art. Is it better or are you just a horrible crack without talent.

Anonymous said...

This stuff's like bird shit. It's on everything. If it's art, put it on canvas or something inside, where the observer can view it or not. Slapping it all over is simply ego (hood) bull shit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's such great vibrant diverse art. Pick up a spray paint can and scrawl your dumb name on someone's home or business.

Clap. Clap clap.