Sunday, July 21, 2019

Kansas City Cosplay Journalism

The world of pretend, bad accents and sketchy coursets get the #METOO treatment from the newspaper . . . Subscribers can take a peek whilst the story hasn't really resonated much across social media or the local news scene:

'No sweeping under the rug': KC Renaissance Fest women speak up about sexual assault

Aislynn Quinn says she was assaulted by a man twice her age when she worked at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Now she and other women are speaking out on social media. The stories date back as much as 20 years. Aislynn Quinn was 15 years old when she started working at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

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Anonymous said...

I heard of the sex and harrasement 20 years ago. And I was just a visitor to the event twice. It really wasn't my cup of tea. Its fakey. If you have ever travelled to the U.K. you can see this is a non-authentic event. Women's boos were falling out of their outfits. The real medival outfits were modest.