Sunday, July 14, 2019

Kansas City Confronts Cruel Summer Politics

A Sunday night contemplation offers a quick summary of the hottest issues on the local and national agenda which demonstrate an increasingly callous discourse that's far more interested in garnering power than helping humankind.

Still, in each of these issues there's a bit of hope for the future as more people awaken to how their emotions are manipulated by larger forces at work.

A few examples . . .

The latest round in the immigration debate reminds us that this issue has always been about politics and with very little regard to border security or the plight of migrants.

Thankfully, a local group sets their politics aside in order to assist on a humanitarian level first and foremost:

Local Heart to Heart group reflects on the border crisis

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- A local group just returned from a visit to the US-Mexico border. They said people there need all the help you can offer. Volunteers with Heart to Heart International said people down at the border need simple things. Things like toothbrushes.

The Jackson County Property Tax Crisis has met with uncaring and misleading responses from the Courthouse as residents fight for their homes.

Meanwhile, cooler heads at the Courthouse are busy working around inflexible leadership who would idly sit by and watch hundreds of people removed from their homes:

Jackson County Officials Suggest One Last Fix For This Year's Assessments

In a move that caught the Jackson County Board of Equalization (BOE) off guard, one member proposed Monday that the entire reassessment should be tossed out. "It's essentially a do-over," said Preston Smith who represents Blue Springs schools on the BOE.

Finally, this town continues to confront a horrific violence and homicide spike and the only prayer for a solution has been the diligent effort to put more police on the street along with law enforcement leaders changing up their tactics to try and connect with the community in the fight against crime.

More calls coming into TIPS Hotline after reward money increased
There might not be an easy fix to any of these problems but, at the very least, we wanted to highlight a glimmer of hope and focus on those people diligently working toward a solution.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I have every confidence that quinton lucas will solve all of these problems. He's the best!

Granger said...

If east side politicians don't care about the murder rate, why should anybody else?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Maybe because murders rarely stay confined to one place. Crime has a tendency to travel. Stopping he killing in one part of town makes EVERYONE safer.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Heres a thought. Can any of you that want to bring in illegal aliens discuss why Mexico doesnt let them stay in Mexico? After all they crossed the south era mexican border “for a better life”
So why does the mexican government NEVER get any critique for letting thousand people die in the desert, raped by smugglers and sold into prostitution. Its obvious they dont give a shit about human suffering. So when you start puting the blame on all this on Mexico, ill listen to you
But in the spirit of comprimize, ill let all the illegals in. If we keep them going all the way to canada

Cgc said...

^^^^ Most of the current wave of migrants aren't from Mexico now, they're from Central American countries. How can we take what you say seriously if you don't know the facts of the current situation?

Think about it.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Thats my point. Mexico is letting them pass through their country with full knowledge of what will happen to them

Anonymous said...

Let them stay. I need my roof fixed.

Anonymous said...

We can't take 8:32 seriously because of his poor reading comprehension skills.