Friday, July 19, 2019

Kansas City Cold Brew Coffee Debut

Forgive us for loving local biz and small timers with big dreams . . . Don't be a hater, this local dude brewing and bottling his coffee is a highlight of the local creative-class scene and something more tangible and tasty than "influencer" media game op/ed bribery . . . Read more:

Cuento Coffee Opens Inside Crane Brewing Co.'s Taproom on July 20

Something is brewing in Raytown besides beer. Cuento Coffee opens its coffee shop located inside Crane Brewing Co. 's tasting room on Sat. July 20. Owner and head roaster Andy Gallant worked with Crane's co-founders Chris Meyers and Michael Crane to secure space at the brewery.


Anonymous said...

"Sarah Scoop" wondering why her telescope isn't working.

Anonymous said...

I knew there would be comments about T's crush, SS, somewhere. This one's not nasty rude, TG.