Saturday, July 27, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Fire St. Joe In 2020?!?!

No matter who wins, 2020 will certainly be an upcoming year of transition. Here's a sneak peak at traveling music possibly part of the local football plan . . . Read more:

Chiefs could move training camp away from St. Joseph in 2020


Anonymous said...

I think the answer is Hell yeah, we're going to move out of this podunk town so fast it will make your head spin.

Anonymous said...

Heck, train at Arrowhead, the KC Taxpayers have to support the place year-round, why is another facility needed?

Anonymous said...

A certain undesirable MoDOT employee is going to be manning a MoDOT booth at camp tomorrow morning.
He's the arrogant asshole who comments here about how smart he is and his "degree from Mizzou".

I know this because we hacked his work calendar.

Every TKC reader needs to head up to St Joke tomorrow and let's go beat the shit out of this faggy fanboy.

Anonymous said...

Show up there "big man" and we'll see who gets their ass kicked!

Stay off this site, you faggot, you're the undesirable!