Friday, July 12, 2019


Here's a bit of news with a local connection that should make readers want to spit on their paycheck.

Los Angeles Times: Wine country ranch of Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt lists for $19.95 million


The 40-acre ranch holds a main residence of more than 6,600 square feet and multiple acres of Cabernet Sauvignon vines.

Check the photo gallery and remember that the U.S. stopped being a meritocracy sometime after Kim Kardashian's pr0n tape proved to be the inciting incident for Kylie Jenner to make billions of dollars by way of selling Chinese-manufactured face paint to American tweens.

Whilst we may not believe in Bernie Bros., ANTIFA commies or anything else for that matter . . . That won't stop us from grabbing a bag of carrot chips and watching the upcoming class war with more than a passing interest. Good luck, comrades! The capitalists p0wn the Internets just about everything else.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Don't be jelly.

Don't hate the player, hate the game. And remember that Super Bowl generates billions in revenue every year!

Jack Jeebs said...

I don't think anybody would say that Lamar Hunt didn't deserve his success. But what has Clark Hunt done to deserve any of it?

70% tax on daddy's money might be too high but his grape pickers probably pay a bigger percentage to uncle sam.

chuck said...

He is pecuniarily insouciant by way of birth and blood as opposed to sweat and effort.

It's not a crime.

I recall his dad was famous for his niggardly ways and would only buy his clothes at estate sales. He never carried cash and everyone with him had to pay for his lunches etc.

Clark should pick up a Coke habit and start hanging with some strippers before he dies. Live a little!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hunt didn't earn his money by paying himself inflated "management fees" and then declaring bankruptcy and walking away leaving lenders, vendors and employees in the lurch!

He earned it the old fashioned way by giving stupid people some useless overpriced "thing" they could get excited about and forget their dismal lives for a few moments.

Bob said...

Beautiful home, beautiful views. Doors look like they came off a commercial building. Only three bedrooms? Picture 26 shows two settlement ponds for waste treatment, EW! Also no solar panels any where. I don't think I could offer more than about 12.8 mil for such a place. Price probably determined by the Jackson County Assessor.

Anonymous said...

@8:45 that isn't their waste treatment lagoon its far too large and appears to permit surface water to enter. That's probably an irrigation pond or part of a stormwater management system. I would doubt anyone with that kind of money would install a lagoon anyway. They would be far more likely to have an advance in-ground treatment system.

NicK said...

if it was owned by Lamar it probably was bought back in the day for a hellof alot less