Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs' Fanboys Discover Science Confirming Patrick Mahomes Hype

Nevermind that defenses will no longer be taken by surprise and the supporting cast has endured a tough off-season . . . Here's a bit of hopeful hype worth a look simply for the sake of Summer love. Read more:

Patrick Mahomes isn't going to regress in '19, and we have the proof

A common topic of conversation this offseason has been Patrick Mahomes' expected regression. When you put up a top-three all-time single-season performance, people are naturally going to come out with doubt that you'll be able to sustain the other-worldly nature of a 5,000-yard and 50-touchdown season.


Anonymous said...

The problem that will plague Mahomes, and any high-level QB coming to the Chiefs, mediocre talent in the receiver core, no protection on the line. Mahomes was really standout last year because no one knew what to expect. Now they do and they know what offensive weapons to put pressure on. On the line with a post no one will read: Mahomes stats drop 25% across the board in '19-'20.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet the Chiefs have the the best Right Tackle, Wide Receiver, and Tight End in the league. Weird.