Friday, July 19, 2019

Kansas City Caught Faking Pothole Repair

The millennial axiom "fake it till you make it" proves to be a guiding principal at 12th & Oak as well. Here's proof:

Man claims KCMO makes dishonest pothole reports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City man claims the city is marking pothole complaint cases complete when the repairs haven't been made. Frank Sereno has been on a crusade to get the city's potholes repaired for months. A motorcyle rider, Sereno first spoke to 41 Action News in March.


Anonymous said...

We watched crews throw loose gravel coated with an oily substance into cracks and fissures around our neighborhood. Before they are out of sight, the "repair" is crumbling and gravel is flying everywhere with each hit of a car. But, that's what we get, so shut up taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Some things never change. (Well, they change a little. Kansas City is now a crumbling slum with an expensive trolley to nowhere.)

Anonymous said...

All that's left of the $800 Million in "GO Bonds" will only fund used motor oil and cat litter as a repair material.

Are you ready to vote for another $800 million in bonds to actually get something done?