Sunday, July 14, 2019

Kansas City Catholic Expert Reveals Women Served As Early Christian Clerics

Interesting research from a KC faith-based alternative publication offers an alternative perspective on The Church as we know it today.


"A specialist in the history of late antiquity, she has taught at both Webster University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She told the conference, which was held at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, that three of the earliest surviving images of Christians worshipping at church altars show women in official liturgical roles."

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Researcher: Artifacts show that early church women served as clergy

New research recently unveiled in Rome suggests women had a greater role in the early church's ministries and liturgies than previously thought and were present at church altars as deacons, priests an...


Anonymous said...

What is Bill Tammeu's position of this? Are Santa's elves all male?

Anonymous said...

This "new discovery" probably reflects the turmoil in the early Church, since Jesus had named his wife Mary and his brother James to lead his followers, but then the Church Leadership was hijacked twice, first by Peter and Thomas, then by a complete outsider, Saul.

Or does the misogyny of that homosexual Augustine still dominate?

The lives of Saints Caitlyn, Chelsea, Michelle, and more, will be discovered soon. said...

Watch the "T" types of the LGBTs claim these long ago gals. What?! You didn't notice Jesus and his Last Supper buds were all sporting long silky locks and wearing layers of flowing gowns?

Anonymous said...

This a is a total lie that is being cooked up by a bunch of lesbo nuns and their rug-munching friends.
Women were "property" in those days. They were treated as such. They never had a leadership position, of any kind.
Feminist lies.

Byron Funkhouser said...

8:15 is correct.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Bullshit, you dope.
What are you and 8:15 smokin'?
You don't know jack shit about any religion except how to sneak money out of the collection basket.

Anonymous said...

UMKC Department of History
Revisionist History For An LGBT World

Transgender Christ and the Invention of the Trinity
Project by Ally Kateusz, PhD

Anonymous said...

Jesus also spoke of reincarnation.

Anonymous said...

@10:19, I posted at 8:15, and I do know that, in six of the 72 Gospels that the Catholic Church excluded from the Canon six centuries after Jesus' death, Joshua bar Yusuf was called by the title "Rabbi", and he could not have held that honorific unless he was married or was a widower. Three of those Gospels state that he was married to "Mariam of Magdala" at the time of his death, and current scholarship agrees that she (Mary Magdalen) was most likely the "beloved Disciple" whom he left in charge of his "Community", to be assisted by his brother.

Traces of this can still be found in both the Douai and King James versions of the Bible we have in English today.

I don't know if you could find any of those references in
by Reverend Pastor Brother Dwayne Joe-Bob Wayne, or whichever revised, simplified and re-written version you are familiar with, but the political infighting that followed Jesus' death are well documented in the New Testament.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh… @10:19... !! KAATHUMP !!

Anonymous said...

^^^!!KAATHUMP!! nuthin'.
Hell, I can make up a bunch of shit like he can.
It's still a bunch of made up shit.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:15/12:01 - You're full of shit with your claims.

Also Augustine was not a homosexual or misogynist. He in fact, like many men probably a majority of men, in the fourth century lived with the same woman over 40 years. They were not married as was normal at the time. Do your research.

Anonymous said...

LOL, this "movement" was begun by a defrocked priest.