Thursday, July 18, 2019

Kansas City Blogger Remembers HUAC

An important history lesson on a horrible episode in the world of cinema and politics. Our favorite blogger in all of Kansas City offers a teachable moment on what it means to be American.

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On Being Un-American

John Garfield, my classic film heart-throb, was a hero of World War II. The only uniform he wore was on movie sets -- he couldn't serve in the military (though he very much wanted to) due to a heart condition.


Anonymous said...

And it was during this era the citizenship question was last on the general census form.

Make America Paranoid Again!

Anonymous said...

Subsequent events have proven that McCarthy was 100% right.

Not Buying The Victim Shit said...

HUAC was entirely vindicated decades ago by declassified KGB files. The Jewish Media has portrayed this time as a "dark period" in our history because the vast majority of the communists that were rooted-out were Jews, including Julius and Ethel Rosenberg , who gave Soviet Russia the information they needed to make an atomic bomb.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad Leighann doesn't seem to understand that baseless accusations of racism are every bit as damaging as baseless accusations of communism in the old days, with every bit the same level of hysteria if not worse. People lose careers in a second--no HUAC here, just mob mentality--many times for careless or innocuous remarks.

But not if you're on the left. All 'racism' is not created equal.

The left has used racism as a political weapon for decades, If you're Farrakhan or Ilhan Omar your racism is just fine. That's why people have gotten numb to it and why hurling the R word in a transparent and hypocritical political attack is not exactly the work of brave freedom fighters.

I wonder if Leighann even knows that Ayanna Pressley said that if you don't agree with her, you don't qualify as black, or gay, or whatever. If any more proof was needed that race was being used exclusively as something to maneuver with, there it is.

It seems like Leighann really loves celebrities. That's good, because she is absolutely in love with the four newest ones out of the insane woke-left cult that is now destroying the Democratic Party. I just wish Leighann would look past the stars in her woke eyes to see just how toxic the Junior Varsity Mean Girls club really is.

Stick to classic movies and heartthrobs, Leighann.

Anonymous said...

Subsequent events have proven that McCarthy was 100% nuts.

Anonymous said...


"Sadly, the vast majority of Hillary Clinton's "base" are either too deluded or -- let's say, to put it kindly -- too senile to know about the DNC and their anti-American way of destroying the lives and careers of people who felt threatened by a rich white woman's characterization of half the country as a basket of deplorables!"

Anonymous said...

^^Hillary has ran for nothing in the last three years geezer. Your dementia is getting worse. If you can't get in 2019, please do us all a favor and go into the light. Your embarrassing yourself again!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Tend to agree with 9:46. If you can't stay on topic, stay off the post and get some cognition tests.

Anonymous said...

The question has been on the census since 1850 regarding where you were born.. the sexual predator known as Bill Clinton took the question off the census then our beloved Muslim president Hussein Obama also left it off the census.. President Trump is trying to reinstate it not put it on for the first time. So you just spouted fake news

Anonymous said...

^^Obama has not been President in over three years!! Clinton has not been President in over 19 years!! Damn geezer, your dementia is really raging! Have you talked to your doctor about a DNR?!?! It seems you're unable to live in the present. It's time to go now.

Anonymous said...

12:15: You just QUOTED fake news. Tend to agree with 12:27. Time for a cognitive test, gramps. Fox News will rot your brain.

Anonymous said...

You must be young Millennials who do not know how to look anything up and you are probably never talk proper history. The census is every 10 years. 1990 Bush 41 had it on the census the year 2000 Clinton took it off the census in 2010 Obama also left it off the census 20/20 Trump trying to reinstate it. Has nothing to do with news it has to do with history but if you've never been taught history or how to look anything up that's called critical thinking I can see where you would misunderstand.

Anonymous said...

And it currently is the year 2020 Trump is the president Trump has the right to put the question on the census. It is been there since 1850 look it up you losers

Anonymous said...

^^we don't care Maude!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Caret Boy at 9:46 and 10:15 (same fool)!

Hillary Clinton was running for President in NOV 2016, that wasn't 3 years ago, despite your best attempt at math! How dare I mention your Queen of Corruption!

Caret Boy hangs out monitoring comments all day like a queer at a French Navy port.

Anonymous said...

1:53 & 1:55: No, it wasn't. The question has not been on the census form most people get since 1950. Your saying otherwise will not change history.

Here's an article from last Saturday's New York Times. Now, I doubt very seriously that you'll be able to read the article or that you will believe anything not on Fox News, but I put it out there for you. Maybe you can read it while at your doctor's office.

Ed Ziffel said...

John Garfield was one of a multitude of Jewish Communists in an anti-communist America. Boo-hoo.

Anonymous said...

@6:54, how is it that you know what "declassified KGB files" say?
They're not yet released, and the on-line "extracts" have been discredited as forgeries.
Read Breitbart much? Have they retracted this too?

If the files are ever released, I wonder if any of them will validate these claims, all made by HUAC members as part of the Committee's public records?

1) Christopher Marlow (Elizabethan era author) was a member of the Communist Party.

2) Euripides (pre-Christian philosopher) must have been a Communist "fellow traveler", since he wrote about class struggle.

3) Buddhism is proof of the existence of Japanese Espionage.

4) There was no need for the HUAC to investigate the activities of the KKK because they were a "time-honored American institution".