Kansas City Activists Prep To Challenge Upcoming Prez Trump La Migra Raids

Actually, deportations have been constant but still not up to records achieved by Prez Obama that went virtually ignored by progressives.

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Response teams ready if ICE raids should happen in KC

Rekha Sharma is part of a network of attorneys volunteering to be part of a raid response team. A hotline will be launched to support immigrants and their famil...


  1. How about these fools make sure the laws in place are enforced instead of helping people who break them.

  2. Need Gone Now!

  3. Hurrah...para los dineros de los migrantes!!7/12/19, 10:31 PM

    Abogados de inmigracion be veddy beezy stashing muchos pesos en el banco.

  4. FYI these people are foolish if they get involved with trying to stop the ice from doing their job it's a felony they will go to prison for 10 years it's interfering with a Federal officer these people are mentally ill and they are sick the people that are rounding up or criminals it should not be in this country.

  5. ^^^^ This is a nation of laws. Works both ways. The are doing the right thing.

  6. They have nothing to worry about.

    Trump has forgotten the forgotten white men in flyover country again.

    No ICE raids this weekend in KC. Nothing in the entire state of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa or Nebraska.

    Why does Trump hate the midwest? Aren't we his base?

    1. Hilarious. What's the alternative? Democrats?

      Troll better in future.

  7. Not sure what these brilliant attorneys can do to stop deportation of an illegal entrant who is the subject of a court removal order. Maybe they have leftist Obama judges already recruited to issue injunctions on demand. That would not surprise me.


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