Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Johnson County 'Bad Mom's Doing Good

An upbeat report offers us a worthwhile glimpse of "Golden Ghetto" ladies doing something more productive than (just) constantly complaining about the minor inconveniences of their privileged lives via social media . . . Check this middle-class philanthropy that'll almost make readers forget about too-much-wine-cackling from similar white ladies during Summer:

JoCo "Bad Moms" are bringing change online and in the community

Kansas City, KS - The pages of Facebook seemed to be filled with politics and hate these days, but one JoCo page is full of "Bad Moms" who are making a difference. Sammie Veltri moved to the area from California four years ago and had trouble connecting with other moms, so she created the Bad Moms of JoCo Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

Lady should have stayed in CA if she hates it here.