Monday, July 29, 2019

JoCo Highway Sign FAIL Overnight

Quick confirmation that, in many ways, the Golden Ghetto is falling apart . . . Check this glimpse of Kansas infrastructure FAIL:

"Huge overhead signs down on NB I-35, just north of 95th St. Looks like that stretch of highway from 95th to 87th is blocked off. Lenexa PD is re-directing NB traffic off I-35 onto 95th. St."

Developing . . ..


Anonymous said...

Paradise is falling down,
falling down, falling down...

but don't worry, they'll figure out some way to make the Missouri side taxpayers cover the cost - that's what Kansas do.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you try to go on the cheap side of a bid. This is not one but two signs O'Donnell asphalt paving trucks have taken down just in the last month. They took the one down at southbound I-35 at 111th. I hope that company has really good insurance cuz not going to be in business after this. And to think they're still Paving till December how many more signs will these ass clowns take down

Anonymous said...

Brownback's GOP tax giveaway still bites. For years, the legislature stole money from the highway funds (deferring maintenance work) in attempts to pay for the business tax cuts and balance the budget.

The damage done is real and it's not something that can be magically caught up.

Heckava job, Brownie.

Anonymous said...

Tony, that was actually 435 North at 87th in Lenexa not 35! lol