Friday, July 26, 2019

Jason Kander Comeback Update

He's doing important work and giving his new mission much more publicity than they ever would have received on their own . . . The headline argues that Jason Kanders' PTSD journey was "quiet" and that's probably true for most of it behind teh scenes . . . HOWEVER, he was on national TV talking about it -- Again, raising awareness is great and helps the cause but this headline simply doesn't accurately convey what most media watchers witnessed 1st hand . . . Moreover, silence and quiet is simply not an option in this social media era.

Otherwise, here's a pretty good roundup:

Jason Kander is back after quietly working through PTSD

KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) - Not so many months ago, Jason Kander was spending his life on airplanes. The picture of youth and energy, Kander was in demand from Democratic groups across the U.S., a military veteran from middle America making a powerful case for generational change in his party, possibly with an eye toward a 2020 presidential run.


Anonymous said...

Now, wait a minute.
He was just doing his PTSD thing less than 6 months ago.
Gave a very convincing interview about what a mess he is.
Now, he is cured?

Mmmmm.....Something with this guy does not add up.

Byron Funkhouser said...

No one "works through" PTSD.

It's a life long gift.

You learn to cope, & function again, but it never goes away.

Anonymous said...

We all know that someone like Thomas Eagleton, I mean Jason Kander should never hold a higher office. Eagleton, I mean Kander pulled this #fakenews stunt because he saw that KCMO is a disaster and his "leadership" would never reduce crime or give him a winning resume. He isn't black like Cory Booker so he would not be given a second chance that Spartacus had. Let's hope he withers away.

Anonymous said...

Trump has PTSD
Post Traumatic Stupidity Disorder

Anonymous said...

Imagine what a basket case he'd be if he actually experienced combat!

Anonymous said...

Somebody is going to come out of this feeling used.

Anonymous said...

Should have never started drinking with Sly James.

Anonymous said...

4:29: Says someone who served at McDonalds.

Grip Madlock said...

Did you come up with that all by yourself?

Anonymous said...


Please note that Pander and his media allies are selectively rewriting his history.

He originally claimed that he was dropping from the Mayor's primary due to PTSD and DEPRESSION. He publicly stated that he had thought about committing suicide multiple times.

Now, his DEPRESSION is nowhere to be found and rarely, if ever, mentioned. That's because there remains a stigma with DEPRESSION, while PTSD is viewed sympathetically in veterans.

Ever the political marketing hucksters, both Panders are now attempting to rebrand him as a veteran who worked through his PTSD. Did he ever have it? Likely no, but he does have a family history of depression.

Pander fabricated the PTSD claim as political cover, after being exposed for campaign finance shenanigans and the threatened release of damaging personal information.

Is he really so stupid that he'll try to get back into politics?

Anonymous said...

Landers wife is a RUSSIAN. I wouldn't be surprised if she is a mole.