Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Jackson County Property Tax Assessment Appeal Deadline Extension Part Deux?!?

More deets on this hot Summer debate amid protests and growing distrust of the County Exec and his Administration at the Courthouse. Take a look:

Jackson County's Board of Equalization considering proposal to extend tax assessment appeals

The controversy over Jackson County property taxes may not be over.Monday was supposed to be the deadline to file an appeal, but there might be another extension.Jackson County's Board of Equalization - an independent panel often called the BOE - may consider extending the deadline again.


Anonymous said...

Never enough expertise, planning, or thought given to do something right the first time.
But always plenty of excuses and extra money to do the same thing over and over again.
It's the Jackson County/KCMO way!
How's the airport "project" coming along?

Anonymous said...

Can't you people get your appeal in with thee time given? Come On you have had plenty of time. Pay the taxes your voted for, you know Frank White and all of the other money grubbing democrats.

Anonymous said...

There's a Board of Equalization!? Think that's the real news here