Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Jackson County Property Tax Assessment Crisis Destroys Community Over Long Term

The DEADLINE IS APPROACHING and there's a continued effort to stall and develop a new plan to lower fees that are likely to kick a bunch of old ladies out of their homes. Meanwhile, the Exec is committed to what EVERYONE agrees is a flawed process.

Take a look:

Neighborhood Leaders Fear Lasting Damage From Jackson County Assessment Mess

As the deadline for Jackson County residents to file property tax appeals with the Board of Equalization approaches, neighborhood leaders worry the damage caused by such a contentious and confusing process will have lasting consequences for people in their communities.


Anonymous said...


The only solution.

Anonymous said...

Reece Nichols Leawood has definitely been working hard, silently, and secretively to pump up prices in Midtown KCMO with their favorite builders, architects, and planning and permits people downtown. Another whole investigation in itself if investigating collusion is your specialty.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

Two things are guaranteed in life; death and Democrats will raise taxes and reduce your income for their bloated government salaries and pensioms.

Anonymous said...

Yep, 10:03, plus Dems toss taxpayers' money to the gibsmes to buy votes, and to enrich Democrats' cronies that financed Dem campaigns, among other pander ploys.

Anonymous said...

Dems and negroes, a recipe for disaster...... guaranteed.