Jackson County Hot Mess Cont'd

We've got more on the way but for now, here's a quick overview of a horrific tax crisis still going strong . . .


East Kansas City house sees 1,700 percent jump in property assessment

The property assessment for a run-down house in east Kansas City jumped 1,700 percent in the latest property assessments.The house in the 2700 block of East Linwood Boulevard is almost 100 years old, but according to tax records, it has one of the largest increases showing up on the assessment rolls.Owner Damon Lounds said the county is setting the value of the empty house at $146,000."I don't think any three properties on this block are worth that much," Lounds said.Lounds said he did not know of the increase until KMBC told him about it.

Jackson County Crumbles

Jackson County Courthouse problems remain 5 months after a pipe burst

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- It's been five months since the Jackson County Courthouse flooded and then a pipe burst on the sixth floor closing down the building for three weeks. Back in February, KCTV5 News reported on the strain the courthouses' closure put on people.

Courthouse Help Wanted?!?!

As She Stares Down 21,000 Appeals, Jackson County Assessor Says 'We Absolutely Need More' Staff

Jackson County officials are searching for a way out of a lingering property reassessment fiasco, and the county's director of assessment says her office needs all the help it can get. "I could easily triple my staff based on the number of parcels that we have in our county," Gail McCann Beatty told KCUR's Up To Date on Monday.

Legislature Regret

Jackson County legislator upset with assessment process

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Jackson County legislator says she was shocked to discover an earlier plan to gradually increase property values was scrapped. Chairwoman Theresa Galvin said the legislature was as blindsighted as the public when property assessments skyrocketed this year.

Developing . . .


  1. Nice try Gail, you knew exactly what you were doing, you got lazy and tried to do things the easy way, but you didn’t count on pissing the entire county off now did you? Well, all the county except the central core where there taxes didn’t budge one penny..... busted!

  2. No, you weren't blindsided, you were in deriliction of your duties. This should have been an item on every meeting of the Legislature while reassessments were pending. What could be more important to the County than setting its tax base?

  3. What does Vernon Scoville know about this? Anything? And, if so, when did he know it?

  4. WTF does Vernon Scoville have to do with anything?


  5. I don't feel sorry for you people you are liberals and you keep cutting your own throat. I feel sorry for the republicans in this city who have brains enough to see over the years when they are getting screwed. I hope you democrats losing everything you own!

  6. I'd like them to figure out which assessors are getting corporate kickbacks value commercial property so low and private property so high. Channel 4's Angie Ricono did the best reporting on this and she's on the right track.

  7. Byron Funkhouser7/2/19, 9:46 PM

    9:08 Kansas City Nasty

  8. Gail is way in over her head in her position, almost as much as Frank White is. Both of them seem like really stupid people, or I guess it would be more kind to say they are incompetent.

  9. Where is the voice of CRG? I would volunteer with them if they would get busy and actually help folks right these wrongs!
    Recall these politicians!


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