Saturday, July 06, 2019

Jackson County 'Bra-Gate' Reprise

Vicious debate over a mostly imaginary issue inspired the Sheriff to BRILLIANTLY TROLL HIS CRITICS ON TWITTER and put their lingerie concerns into the proper perspective.

Right now progressives consider the issue that's already been addressed by metal detector re-calibration after a wave of hysteria which only seemed to resonate among social media activists and some lesser lady lawyers looking to drum up business . . . Checkit:

BraGate 2019: How underwire bras became political in Kansas City's jail

In May 2019, the Jackson County Detention Center In Kansas City, Missouri, with no warning to local attorneys, instituted a new security policy that requires all visitors, including inmates' attorneys, to pass through a metal detector. That seems reasonable in theory, but the practice has led to what one assumes is an unintended side effect: Some women's underwire bras are setting it off.


Anonymous said...


Support for Sheriff Forte sags after female attorneys report "metalsome" policies!!!

Anonymous said...

I want the women to publicly display the reason they need an underwire bra.

Anonymous said...

^^^To keep from bruising their knees.

Anonymous said...

The four bottom-feeder female lawyers that were protesting are still very upset.