Sunday, July 28, 2019

Inside The Kansas City Art Biz

One of our favorite local upscale writers, Julius Karash, offers some great reporting, insight and perspective on the classy Kansas City movers and shakers who pay BIG BUCKS to keep so many local starving artists from harsh lives as less creative hobos.

Take a look:

Julius A Karash on Business and the Arts | Arts Alive: Revving Up the City's Art Vibe - KC STUDIO

On a Thursday night in April, when many Kansas Citians were staring at electronic screens, the Belger Arts Center was aglow with in-person enthusiasm. The Belger hosted about 115 people who came at the invitation of Arts Alive KC, an organization that has revved up our town's art vibe during the past two decades.


Anonymous said...

Right a Oil, Gas & Coal guy leading an Art's cult.

Pretty funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

The Effete Elite Meet To Eat and Tweet - SWEET!