Bullets continue to fly across local streets. Here's tonight's report that might be more important than so much local partisan political drama . . .

KSHB: KCPD investigating shooting that injured 12-year-old


The shooting happened just before 9 p.m. Monday near East 42nd Street and Vineyard Drive. According to police, the boy was shot in the shoulder and is in stable condition. The boy's cousin said she heard a bang and thought it might have been the kids playing. She saw the wound and put a towel over the area to stop the bleeding. His aunt said they aren't sure if the bullet came from inside the house or from outside. She said she hopes the shooting was an accident and nothing malicious. Officers are investigating. The shooting may have been accidental.

Developing . . .


  1. As usual, nobody saw nothing.

  2. "His aunt said they aren't sure if the bullet came from inside the house or from outside."

    You mean she did not know if a gun was visible in the house at the time of the shooting? Or was there a gunfight going on with someone outside the house?

    In any case, sorta impossibole to NOT KNOW if INSIDE GUN, OR OUTSIDE GUN !!

    Let's get Cleaver and Cummings down here to straighten things out.

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