Give Your Kansas City Granny A Good Look

Today's reminder that U.S. Healthcare is ALREADY socialized and still desperately lacking for old school denizens. More importantly, here's today's reminder to go visit your grandma and talk to her quite a bit about her new place . . . Read more:

Government report warns multiple nursing homes in KC area have persistent problems

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A report details a case of elder abuse caught on camera. The family wanted to prove exactly what the conditions in a low-rated facility look like. Nursing homes promise to care for older adults, but many in the metro are missing the mark.


  1. The most expensive nursing home in eastern Jackson County has a below average two out of five.

  2. Billy Tammy will have nothing to say about this.

  3. Yes he will. There are actually some decent Catholic centers and Billy will be SURE to smear them...


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