Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gimmicks Planned For Indian Springs Comeback Solves Retail Death?!?

If anything, these activities sound like a pretty good reason to avoid this shopping misadventure. Here's fresh Hell that should turn buying "husky" pants with your mom into an even greater indignity . . .

"One of the new concepts IGP is introducing is an area with climbing walls, three levels of ropes courses and a Rollglider, an aerial ride that combines the sensation of free falling with hang gliding."

More info for subscribers here:

Commissioners hit pause on redevelopment plans for Indian Springs Mall site - Kansas City Business Journal

Unified Government Commissioners hit pause on a $140 million mixed-use redevelopment plan for the former Indian Springs Mall site.


Anonymous said...

The spot is cursed from anything retail ever working there. The same thing that ruined the center before still lives around it and will ruin anything else that comes along.

Anonymous said...

Why not reopen African Springs? Oh wait.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for this! There was a really bad mall desert in that area. Women, minorities and the transgendered suffered the mose.