Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Expert Summer Warning: Kansas City Serves As Human Trafficking Hot Spot

An important story that deserves to be highlighted but we switched out the photo because it's was way too weird from a news organization & almost fetishist for a serious subject and the tragic fact that SLAVERY STILL EXISTS around the world and sometimes uses KC as a way-point. Read more:

Kansas City, a human trafficking hot spot


Hyperblogal said...

95 degrees and 60% humidity: Kansas City the Convention Capitol of North America.

Anonymous said...

But isn't it funny how liberals will support this crap. Hillary Clinton and her red foreskin Bill are involved with it too. The money from Epstein and his Island of young underage girls in the Caribbean went through the Clinton Foundation. Little Prince Andrew was involved too, and it's said Meghan Markle was a recruit.
Yes Yes get out and vote for your local liberals you Pieces of shit! You caused it 100%

Byron Funkhouser said...

NO, they aren't involved. What's "funny" is how retards like you believe this shit.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong Byron there is no doubt some smoke and we all know what a pervert Clinton was.
Over the years, speculation has swirled about which of Epstein’s famous friends, if any, might have committed sex crimes on his properties. During the 2016 presidential race, then-Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus hinted that Bill Clinton might have been involved: “When you hang out with a guy who has a reputation like Jeffrey Epstein, multiple times, on private jets, on weekends, on trips, on places at least where it’s been reported not very good things happen, it would be good to know what our former president was doing,” he told Bloomberg.

Plus you have to be some sort of a sex deviant to be married to someone like Hillary.

Anonymous said...

"Slavery still exists."

True. Ask any corporate drone.

Anonymous said...

You are dumb enough to believe anything that POS said?
TDS (Trump Deification Syndrome) at its finest!
Just one question about Trump taking "Princess I" on the G-20 and North Korea trips -- one room? Connecting?
Cadet Bonespurs doesn't just want to be King, he apparently wants to be Pharaoh!

Anonymous said...

10:45 nutso