Sunday, July 28, 2019

Even Kansas City Star Admits That Lame Duck Mayor Sly's Latest Book Is Garbage

Without fewer favors, cash and publicity to offer it's not so surprising how quickly this politico's popularity has plummeted.

Today's example comes from "journalists" who have quickly switched allegiances. Read more:

KC Mayor Sly James leaves office with a legacy of achievement - and a few grudges

Kansas City Mayor Sly James reflects on his nearly eight years in office as he gives his last State of the City address at Rockhurst University, his alma mater. The Sly James era in Kansas City ends Thursday. James was a consequential mayor, one of the most important and successful in Kansas City history.


Anonymous said...

Elephant in the Room Review:
Funny how they waited for the second paragraph in the “bad” to talk about the elephant.
A mayor’s first job- Colleen w the Star- is keeping citizens safe.
How’s the crime rate and why is it sky high?
Cool free trolley car for the rich... while the murder rate is beyond high.
Montreal has 3 times the population and less than 10 murders this year.
Anyone take a look at that? Could it be because the Police are required to have degrees?
I have no idea, but let’s find something to keep KC safe and hold leaders accountable by highlighting their safety record First.
Anything else is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sly James destroyed Kansas City and his hatred for Police officers caused the crime to go up as a matter of fact I think Sly James wanted that. I never thought I would hear myself say I would have rather had Funk back.

Anonymous said...

Sly was a cancer in this city and I hope he leaves and is not heard from again.

Anonymous said...

sLIE has no legacy of achievements other than murder while stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich, he did nothing good for the citizens, he is the worst mayor this town has evar seen. Millennial Lucas needs to pay attention and not do what bow tie the clown did.

Anonymous said...

His clown suit fashion fit's him very well. And all this is the result of what can and will happen when clowns are in charge for eight years.

Perhaps Lucas will be successful at continuing to sell people the snake oil.

Anonymous said...

He was a garbage Mayor. No surprise here.

Anonymous said...

All those complaining about the shitty mayor. YOU idiots elected him,remember???

Never hire a black man for public office or a school board position...

Oops, look there-you did it again.

You deserve everything this new shitty mayor brings to the table.

Anonymous said...

Just another KCMO D-list celebrity who will now hang around trying to get attention with the rest of yesterday's news.
And already the local media is all a gaga about Lucas, even before he's even tried to do much of anything.
He'll be just like Sly and the rest, of course, and spend all his time on rah rah and hype, all the while ignoring critical municipal issues like crime and violence and fixing streets.
Sly's "legacy" will become more clear in a few years when the impact of his tax giveaways and massive debt become more clear.
But by then he'll most likely have found some new "cause" that he can take advantage of to continue to try to enhance his "celebrity", a la Jason Pander.
They never go away.

Not Tracy, but she is waiting to comment said...

If the new city council had any balls the first law they would pass is to remove all references to Sly as mayor and never allow anything to be named after him. Second they would change the name of MLK Jr. Blvd back to the Paseo. Third they would limit the giveaway power of still wet behind the ears Quinton. Has anyone noticed that he never expected to win and shits his pants daily at the thought of having to make an actual decision about anything including his own party?
Every post above this one has true statements in it. The real fun starts again next week!

Anonymous said...

^^^Good idea. I don't think that a damnatio memoriae has been declared since the Roman Empire. Now would be a good time to revive it.

Anonymous said...


Montreal has 9 % blacks

KCMO has 28 %

That is the first contributing factor to the higher murder rate difference.

Drug use is the second.

Amelio Brassdickies said...

No infrastructure improvement from the go bond money as it is probably already spent on SLie's favorite developer projects.