Wednesday, July 24, 2019

EPIC Kansas City Police Standoff Complete

Reality check for a great many local, constant critics of authorities . . . Whilst most of this town was sleeping that KCPD confronted a dude who barricaded himself in a hotel and didn't want to leave for most of the night . . . Here's the postscript:

A police standoff in Kansas City, Mo that lasted nearly ten hours ends peacefully

KANSAS CITY, Mo.-- Kansas City police responded to a local hotel in the 15000 Block of E. 40 Highway at 6 p.m. Tuesday night, July 23, on a report of a man trespassing in one of the rooms. Management at Executive Inn and Suites told police an adult male barricaded himself in a room and refused to leave.


Anonymous said...

Can't police put gas under the door with a hose or something ? 10 hours of police time is excessive. Shoot him and put a sword in his dead hand.

Anonymous said...

^^Thanks for that?...hey look! Matlock's on!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the KCPD is reimbursing the Hotels' other patrons for the 40% of their day they were denied access to the room they had to pay for.

Knock down the door, toss in a flashbang, go in, and shoot the shithead if he or she resists or threatens - make the World a better place.