El Bryan Jokes KCMO Priorities

A glimpse at where we stand this Summer as local streets have garnered nationwide attention for neglect and shame. Checkit:

retorts illustrated by bryan stalder


  1. He certainly hit the nail on the head with this one! This is exactly the momentous momentum we're momenting. I can't wait to read gopher's hissyfit when he sees it.

  2. The man you refer to as Gopher is a tireless advocate for the city who has worked more hours than you could ever dream to benefit taxpayers and elected officials. Shame on you for "calling him out" ! You should probably just say thank you!

  3. @10:47-Can't wait, on a holiday weekend nonetheless, to read a blog. LOSER!

  4. @11:36 - I am late to this long running conversation...but WTF? How could anyone be proud of spending hours to benefit taxpayers and elected officials. Unless you think benefit means to more quickly separate tax payers from their paychecks and provide shitty services...and if benefit means protect and give blow jobs to elected officials. If that is what you mean...you're spot on. Everyone who works for KCMO should be fully ashamed of themselves. Everyone. Extend that to Jackson County too.

  5. 12:38: Don't sweat it. 11:36 is most likely gopher. The style of the post is very much in keeping with the one where he told voters how stupid they were not to have elected Jolie.

    Not Mensa material.


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