Downtown Kansas City Old & Busted Infrastructure Stalls Toy Train Streetcar

Love or hate this controversial mode of transit, there's no denying that underlying problems with Kansas City's water, sewer and electrical systems present a clear and present danger to this favorite hipster project. Checkit:

Large water main break Wednesday night temporarily halts KC streetcar

A large water main break Wednesday night temporarily halted the Kansas City streetcar.The break was reported about 9:20 p.m. at Seventh and Main streets.The streetcar was forced to stop because water was flowing downhill onto Main Street.Crews were able to turn off part of the leak, allowing the streetcar to resume service.


  1. Investing in infrastructure when you can buy bright and shiny new toys is so old school. We gotta keep that momentous momentum momenting!

  2. Wow nice all that new infrastructure work on the Toy Train Line lasted so long.

    Did it come with a six month guarantee?

  3. Smiling Jack7/4/19, 11:10 AM

    Couldn't the Streetcar Driver have shut off all electrical systems and coasted through the water on "Momentum"?

  4. There's nobody in downtown KCMO on a Wednesday night anyway, so who cares?
    And no one on a holiday either!
    Park THE streetcar and let whatever "public transit customers" there are take a bus.
    They go faster and much much farther anyway!
    Constantly failing infrastructure AND THE streetcar.
    What a winning combination!!

  5. Thats a good one 11:10. Meanwhile a real mode of transportation called a bus would have driven around the issue and kept on going.

  6. And yet the streetcar is faster than the bus. Weird.

  7. Okay, @12:51, here's a challenge.
    You get on the Streetcar at the North (5th Street) stop, and I'll get on a Bus fifteen minutes later - winner is the first one to reach the Plaza, and the loser pays for Lunch.
    No changing transportation modes (except walking) allowed.
    You on?

  8. 1:12 knocked 12:51 the fuck out.

  9. 1:12, that means you would have to eat lunch with 12:51. Better re-think that bet.

  10. And yet he didn’t at all. Weird.

  11. Now who's "just being pathetic", @4:02?
    (Hint: he's touching your keyboard.)


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