A counterpoint to so much taxpayer-funded hype inside the loop:

WSJ: American Suburbs Swell Again as a New Generation Escapes the City

Meanwhile, locals paid to promote civic interests are now FURIOUSLY working to discredit and distract from one of the most respected journalistic institutions in the nation. Read more:

City growth stalled in favor of suburbs, except in KC


  1. They are moving to Johnson County. Cheaper to live and better schools.

  2. Well sure "Empty Nesters" are moving downtown.
    The only way that it makes any sense to move into KC is if you're retired and don't have to pay the Earnings Tax.

    That explains why housing in North Kansas City doesn't even remain available long enough to even hit the listings. A lot more convenient place to live, safer, better schools, and closer to downtown than living in the northern or southern parts of KC itself.
    Buy there, then give yourself a 1% raise by finding a job in NKC, Liberty, Parkville, or Gladstone.

  3. If you build it, they will come. If you tax it, they will go.

    12:14, not having to deal with rush hour traffic over the bridges twice a day is worth a lot.

  4. ^^and yet KCMO Population is increasing. Weird.

    1. Sure. Increasing homeless, hookers, and hopeless lying losers couch crashing like you! Weirdo!

  5. Kansas City is a few years behind national trends.

    But as we see taxes go up and up and up with every election and every new administration, Kansas City is soon catching up with the monetization of the population, causing them to flee the high taxes and fees.

  6. So another short attention span fad has already come to an end.
    The the twenty-somethings have gotten a few years older and have discovered that there's perhaps more to life than avocado toast and getting blitzed every night and might even get to the point where safe neighborhoods, good schools, competent local government, and all those other aspects of life that seemed so boring just a few years ago are beginning to look really good right now.
    So KCMO has borrowed hundreds of millions, created decades-long tax breaks, burdened the future with such silly nonsense as THE streetcar, has allowed basic services and infrastructure to deteriorate, and many other terrible short-term decisions, with the idea that the latest fad will last forever.
    Sly's downtown taxpayer-funded amusement park is emptying out and all the residents go was this 30-year debt and ever-increasing taxes.
    By the way, what ever happened to Sly?
    Not much left except for a big smile and a bow tie!

  7. Our downtown keeps growing because we have an abundance of homosexuals.

  8. ^^all the better for you to blow. Right Nancy?

  9. Grass greener? Streets cleaner? School's good? Safe hood? Taxes lower? MOVING ON OVER!!!7/2/19, 1:46 PM

    Many singles and youngish families either left apartments or quickly sold starter homes to "buy bigger" when that latest RE boom hit 5 years ago. The SoJoCo hoods, especially, shifted out loads of empty-nesters who right-sized into their newly built homes. Those older working couples or retirees saw their nice resales snapped up, fast, often in bid wars. Residential remodel contractors amidst my family and friends are currently very busy bringing some showy luxuries, and some sensible upgrades to all sizes of new and old abodes. Midwest values still favors the privacy and equity benefits of homeownership.

  10. Nothing much new here, lots of young people always lived in high density areas. If you are single there is more opportunity to hook up than when you live in a subdivision. But once married with kids the burbs start looking much better. Then there will always be a few wealthy empty nesters who want to ditch the yard and live in a high rise. But most will chose the Plaza over downtown.

    The argument doesn't need to be about which is better, it should be about how much we spend on a small fraction of the population. Or if a successful city is measured by the success a small area or the failure of a much larger area.

  11. Arguing that the population is growing is the most retarded argument I've ever heard so it makes since that it's the comma weird virgin who's arguing it.

    The KC metro population has literally grown every year for the last century. The argument is that the suburbs in the US are growing proportionately much faster than the city populations and it's most likely that KC will follow this trend in the next few years because,traditionally, it lags behind nationwide trends

  12. ^^Blah blah blah.


    There are plenty of vacant potholes to fill.

  14. Even the homeless are leaving downtown for the suburbs.

  15. ^^and yet they're not. Weird.


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