Tuesday, July 09, 2019


A double take on original reports: KCPD originally said no shots were fired, but an officer on the scene issued an update and said two shots were fired.

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Police: Woman fired gun after calling Kansas City DMV wait 'ridiculous'


Anonymous said...

Damn white people.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOL!

You know that making a white woman wait is dangerous. Don't do it!

Anonymous said...

Eh, I understand the sentiment. I'll drive all the way out to the Belton DMV cause those gals know there stuff, and are quick. Even a line out the door will take 15 minutes. I've waiting behind two gals at Granview for 30 min. before.

Anonymous said...

And these are the people that Democrats want running our health care.

Anonymous said...

The contracts for those DMVs must have all expired and the state accepted low-ball bids in conjunction with requiring every resident to HAVE to go to the DMV to pick up new metal plates. I've had to renew two plates so far (four more to go between home and business vehicles) and no wait has been less than an hour. I've been to four different DMV locations...packed like sardines inside, lines out the door. Once you do get inside, you can see why, understaffed in both quantity and quality of workers. I've also witnessed workers smirking and rolling eyes at customers.

We had one thing over Johnson County and that was well-run DMV'S. They were so well run you did not ever have to step inside one unless you were tagging a new-to-you vehicle. Everything could be done online. If you had to go, you could get in line online and skip the wait. Now, because every single citizen with expiring plates over the next two years will have to physically have to go in person, expect to see more "tempers flaring".

I'll vote against every single MO senator & legislator that helped make this happen. Idiots!!

Anonymous said...

JoCo has indeed made this a quick and easy process. With pre-arrival check in you are in and out in 15 minutes tops even on the busiest days.