Friday, July 12, 2019

Diversity Stays Losing In Kansas City?!?!

An EXCEPTIONAL column by Jack Cashill offers a glimpse of FAILED policy throughout KCMO that hasn't help urban core communities and mostly serves as a bad joke among the corporate world.

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Inclusion Isn't as Inclusive as We've Been Told


Anonymous said...

Two-three uv my Baby Mommas gibs me my monay!
Why Ah wants tuh work?

chuck said...

From Jack's article.

"Unlike some industries that simply pay lip service to diversity, the leaders in the building industry are genuinely hungry to attract more minority workers. When the economy is running smoothly—and sometimes even when it is not—the building industry cannot find enough workers, skilled or unskilled. Contractors know they need to expand their pool of eligible workers, and they are eager to do so. Despite their best efforts, however, they are not succeeding.

Doubt me? Just do a little sidewalk superintending at any major construction site in or around the Kansas City area, virtually all of which involve some form of public financing. Now count heads. You will have a hard time finding a head not attached to the body of a white guy. Many of these workers are well into their middle years, which is why industry leaders are keen to replenish the supply. The problem, alas, is beyond their fixing."

This skirts the issue. Construction work is hard and construction sites are places where you show up on time, take orders and above all, tiptoe around so you don't interfere or injure other workers. It's more like a ballet in hard hats with power tools.

The only minorities who can hack it are Mexicans. There is a big difference between Central Americans and Mexicans. You will see white boys and Mexicans all over construction sites for a good reason.

No other minority, with few exceptions, will show up on time, every day, take orders, work hard and pick up the skills necessary to contribute to the effort.

I know one and one only black guy, who was brilliant, picked up skills like a sponge and outworked everyone else. He was, to say the very, very least, an anomaly.

Shuckin and jivin and Black Culture on construction sites will not only get you fired, it can get people killed.

chuck said...

I forgot, I did spend a year in LA working for a Cuban, with a bunch of Cubans. Studs. They knew their shit and worked their asses off.

chuck said...

^^^ Cuban food, really good!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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chuck said...

7:39 Several beat downs by groups of blacks, not counting the robberies at gun point where I was, in addition, shot at.

I'm not sure being a "dummy" or sporting a high IQ has anything to do with it. Proximity is the key. If you are within close proximity, you are fucked.

Also, don't forget my dear friend was murdered a couple of years ago by the black Indian Creek serial killer and another friend of mine, was shit in the chest with a 357 at Superior Sound about 25 years ago.

I am in no way flippant or disrespectful towards extemporaneous, black violence. If you have the impression, that I am, you are incorrect. I have a healthy, healthy respect for blacks and the violence they bring.

And you, cocksucker, can go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen any empirical evidence that a diverse work force turns out a better product. I very much doubt there is any. All the preening we see about diversity and inclusion is nothing more than virtue signaling. And it's likely to be counterproductive - racial quota hiring is still illegal.

Byron Funkhouser said...

The reason you only see white men at construction sites, is because they are the only ones hired.

Anonymous said...

No byron, you ignorant slut. It's because whites are the only ones that can show up on time and sober. Except for you. You probably haven't worked an honest day in your life.

Anonymous said...


Cashill, once again, makes great points by writing as a truthful observer of real-life events!!!

58-percent of black boys do not graduate from high school.
1 of every 3 black men between the age of 20-29 is under correctional supervision or control.
The reasons behind this crisis are many, but overwhelmingly our black boys are growing up without positive male role models.
How to be successful:
1) Graduate from high school/earn a GED.
2) Get a job and stay employed.
3) Don't have children before you get married.
4) Get married and provide for your family.

Anonymous said...

Funky, you've clearly never been associated in any way with construction-trades industry. Yes, high-skilled white guys are hired immediately because of their ability to readily communicate with suppliers, trades, interpret plans. However, they are also very rare. Mexicans are hard workers but have to have someone tell them what to do and how to do it. Guatemalen's hate Mexican's (yes, despite the prog-view that all brown skins live in utopia with each other; funny progs hold the same view of the yellows, just ask a Chinaman about the Japanese) but they are some of the best crews. Generally with the smaller population here, the ones you find have practiced the trades before and are better at communication and plan reading. You want to really know who can truly write their own ticket? 1st gen 'murican raised Mexican, fully bilingual. The few I know are $100k plus at entry level.

Super Dave said...

Don't' you just love a jerk who comes on here telling us hiring practices and labor issues when they themself haven't pulled a legitimate paycheck in over a decade or more.

That makes as much sense as putting a sanitation truck driver in the cockpit of a 737 and telling them to fly it.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ So old, so worthless, so lame.

Anonymous said...

I live close to a Vietnamese family. As above Mexicans, very hard working, intelligent, polite.

They assimilated quickly and speak English with one another, versus what I often see where South Americans and Muslims impolitely publicly converse in their native language.

Kids speak English and are good students. (They often speak Viet at home, but they are truly bi-lingual. Great extended family. Fastidious regarding keeping their home and yard neat and clean.

I only wish I had more of these folks as neighbors and, if I had a business, I would feel fortunate to employ these legal immigrants.

Such a contrast with that fucked up democrat so-called squad OF ladies "of color" who obviously came to America, only to express hatred for it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know, the mirror is unkind to you.

Anonymous said...

What's a Matlock? You are so old lol

Anonymous said...

the poster is correct. there is no empirical evidence that diversity helps. There is empirical evidence that diversity leads to less productivity and more mistrust in neighborhoods and work places, but no one is allowed to talk about that without being accused of racism or some other meaningless strawman phrase

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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