Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Dead-Tree Media Demands Police Spy Cams

The long-suffering newspaper isn't telling their readers that a great deal of this footage will be available for Sunshine request . . . And so busybody reporters are, of course, advocating to get a look at every public interaction with police whether it serves the public interest or not . . . Here's their argument to turn all of KCMO into one of those search engine spy robots.

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When will Kansas City police join the 21st century and finally get body cameras?

This video will demonstrate how Body Worn Cameras are activated when police departments engage with the public. When it comes to wearing body cameras, Kansas City police are increasingly out of the picture - and falling further behind the times.


Anonymous said...

Falling Star Editorial Board members refuse to sign their published work, but demand that police officers wear a body-camera?

Their hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING!

Anonymous said...

that is a good point.

Most people are for body cameras...well until they actually get implemented then it shows the police acting in a professional manner while "city people" chimp out and they can't use the din do nuffin excuse anymore

Anonymous said...

Before long the body cams will serve as proof of the shit that cops have to put up with day after day, as well the feral and dangerous humanoids they confront on a regular basis. When that happens the SJWs (and the Star editorial board, if it still exists) will campaign to ditch the body cams and leave what happened to their imaginations.

Anonymous said...

9:29 - Yeah, curses on those double standard bastards!

Anonymous said...

Remember that the cameras can "accidentally" be turned off or pointed to the ground.

Charlie Horse said...

Those devices will go the way of the red light cameras when the upper crust at City Hall get caught doing the wrong things.