Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Clay County Land Deal Dust Up Cont'd

Our Northland neighbors are desperately seeking transparency but finding little luck. Here's the latest installment of the political drama across the bridge. Read more:

Residents concerned by Clay County Commissioners' executive session meeting

Residents are wondering if a Clay County Commission executive session meeting Tuesday involved a controversial land deal.


Anonymous said...

Had to be just a matter of time before the "Dastardly Duo" of Ridgeway and Owen desperately started excluding public scrutiny of their shenanigans.

The spotlight is on their malfeasance, and they need to get as many Washingtons salted away as they can before public pressure forces them both to resign in disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Nutle should learn the principle of Bad Karma coming back on bad people.
The big wheels of justice move slowly but crush people like this gruesome twosome eventually.
The purpose of all the controversy, petition for audit, etc., that has been promoted by Nutle and Witlesston has been to defeat the other commissioners so that the developers who have been trying to control Clay County for many years can regain control. Millions of dollars in TIF and other incentives are at stake. Commissioner Nolte has received substantial contributions from the developers. Nolte is a puppet for the developers and their consultants who want to regain control Clay County. Check the background of Nolte's early backers in 2014 and you will find convincing evidence of criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

There goes the Ridgeway/Owen lapdog again - deflect with unsubstantiated slurs against Nolte!

Only this time they've picked up the presidential tactic, of acting like an immature Third Grader and making up mocking misspellings of the names of those who are trying to do something about the chaos the County Government is forced to function under.

Nice try (bullshit, feeble try), but the Citizens of Clay County want these two to pay for their mis/mal/nonfeasances.

LOCK 'EM UP!, to borrow from your prime source.

Anonymous said...

Come on twin boy, your bark is loud and decent. But Luann owns you. Word is Carpenter is with her, keep dreaming dumbarse.

Anonymous said...

Only criminal I saw on Nolte's 2014 donor list was Luann Ridgeway