Monday, July 15, 2019

Clay Chastain Announces Kansas City 'Confrontation' Outside City Hall This Week!!!

The latest from Kansas City's most prolific petitioner who offers a preview of a political standoff amid his current effort to make KC "green" again . . .

Clay to make his last stand confronting City Hall...speaking in behalf of democracy and a beleaguered "Green Transit" petition from We the People.

Yet again, the Sly James' Administration is interfering with a valid petition from We the People and refusing to place it before voters. Councilman Wagner and his finance committee have held a "Green Transit" petition (signed in support of by 2,500 KC voters) in committee for nearly 3-months for no valid reason. Mr. Wagner keeps entreating upon someone to show up and speak on the petition's behalf as if that were a prerequisite for placing it before voters. However, being the generous person that he is, Mr. Chastain goes to City Hall (the Lion's Den) on July 17th @ 8:30 to face James, Schulte and Wagner in behalf of a competing (alternative to expanding the streetcar outside downtown) and innovative public transportation plan designed to make Kansas City a more green, transit-oriented and prospering place to live.

You could call it a post 4th of July Fireworks get together . . .

Without the fun.

Protecting We the People's right to petition our government (without interference) is important because it is the only meaningful mechanism we voters have to not only keep City Hall honest but also forward to the voters citizen-sponsored ideas to improve Kansas City. But, it don't come easy. When petitions challenge City Hall, they are welcomed like Iran welcomes U.S. sanctions.

So, are fading Stars....James, Schulte, Wagner and other inside power players (including supporters of expanding the streetcar) courageous enough to face City Hall's most formidable long-time challenger in a face to face public hearing over the future of democracy and transit in Kansas City? I doubt it.

But just in case, come one come all to this public love fest on July 17th to get informed and to see who shows up and who does not.

Kansas City community activist, Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is that Clay Chastain would be the best mayor we'd have had in the last 30+ years

Anonymous said...

^^and yet he wouldn't. Not by a long shot. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet he would. Easily. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Got to hand it to Clay he's still fighting, that's a good thing. I personally think Kansas City is gone. The democrats have run it into the ground along with stealing from the tax payers and spending money on stupid stuff like changing the name of the Paseo. Was at KCI today and terminal A is gone in the mean time you are getting taxed this year out your butt and they say water is going up too. But hey you need that new airport and that's a separate bill. Suck it up!

Byron Funkhouser said...

The new airport is great for Kansas City and if you bums drank less beer you'd have enough money to pay your water bills.

Anonymous said...

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority ranked in the top five worst in a recent study.

Probably ought to fix that problem first.

Anonymous said...

They won't fix the political patronage vessel of choice, the ATA. It is stuffed with incompetents, while it pretends to be a real estate developer.

On so many fronts it has performed poorly, and yet it goes on as the
gravy train of choice.

Entrenched bureaucracy of incompetents, and no one wants to say boo. How
amazing they advocate Streetcar even though they say that is not really
transit. Not sure they even believe in the Streetcar expansion any longer,
they only carry water for their political superiors.

It would be good to have that ATA study publicized, to start a conversation.