Thursday, July 25, 2019

Classic Northeast Kansas City Real Estate

IMPRESSIVE then & now pix from this town's best photographer who documents the upscale renewal of this urban core neighborhood.

Take a look:

Historic Northeast Homes - Volume 14 - 2821 Independence Boulevard


Anonymous said...

That house in the pic is now assessed at $500 Million.

Anonymous said...

It's way too bad that the city has let this area go down hill the way it has. This area could have brought a lot of revenue into the city. Most of the houses in this area have museum quality construction inside, and are now owned by shady California scum bags dba fake companies, like one of the houses on Gladstone Blvd. that is now a meth house where they cook and sell meth.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet the city has nothing to do with the decline of the neighborhood. Weird.

Anonymous said...

And yet 8:42 has never even been to the old NE, but just likes to shoot his mouth off. Weird.