Friday, July 19, 2019

Class-Action Lawsuit Requests Temporary Restraining Order Against 'Wildly Inaccurate Jackson County Property Tax Assessments

One legal threat out of many as politicos struggle to come to terms with one of the most dysfunctional local government processes Kansas City has witnessed in years. Read more:

Part 16: Temporary restraining order sought in Jackson County property assessment

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A lawyer is asking a judge to stop the Jackson County property assessment arguing the process is flawed and enough information has come to light that shows assessments are "wildly inaccurate." The new filing and the motions are based on the work of Preston Smith and KCTV5's investigative unit which uncovered new information by working with raw data.


Anonymous said...

A TRO could delay the insanity for at least two months maybe longer and that could very well force them to wait till next year, sounds good to me!

Grip Madlock said...

The county cant afford to demolish the large number of vacant that are in this shithole but want to create more by taxing the hell out of the dilapidated east side.

Tracy Thomas said...

Good for Angie Ricono! deserving of a Peabody. And a raise.
Good for KCTV5! Now 16 parts to this series. Remarkable.
Good for Preston Smith! Has the facts. Our Erin Brokovich!!
Good for TKC! Keeping this story alive.

and from here in Kansas:
Good for Frank White, inventor of Frank White Flight, c. 2019 Tracy Thomas. The biggest "driver" for real estate sales in Joco since the white flight in the 1960's--and the Conestoga wagon trains 110 years before that. My nominee for Mister Johnson County, 2019.

OK, disgruntled in KCMO--
spend this heat wave sorting thru your basement, clutter clearing. Patching holes in your walls, then painting them, and interviewing realtors so you can LIST YOUR HOUSE and get over to Joco for affordable housing with DECENT SCHOOLS!

Even if you have no kids, your home is your biggest investment, and you need to take steps to protect it.

Staying in KCMO is like folks who got stuck when the stock market crashed. Did you learn NOTHING? Junk bonds then, junk property tax valuations now.

Don't be the last homeowners out!

You've been redlined --everyone in Jackson County. By Frank White.

And as the anonymous genius wrote earlier this week:
"Frank White tries to steal home--again."

Anonymous said...

Unless everybody's new tax assessment is "wildly inaccurate" in the same way, I don't see how the lawyer who filed this case can establish a class. More likely, some new market values are accurate, others are inaccurate-low and still others are inaccurate-high, with little commonality either between or within the groups. We'll see, but I'm doubtful.

Anonymous said...

Stop bitching and pay your fair share!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wierd. This whole story is about paying “fair share”. When you live in an apartment and don’t own much of anything, I suppose it’s okay to make broad, general statements like that. What a dumbass!

Anonymous said...

7:44, the dumb ass is you. Apartment dwellers' rent includes their share of the lessor's property tax.